Fandi & 'Dream Team' VS celebs in bid to save cancer girl... & other fund raising activities

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Featured on The NewPaper & Lian He Wan Bao Monday, 22 June 2009

The plight of Charmaine has moved former Singapore international Rafi Ali so much that he decided to do something about it. He got his Malaysia Cup kakis back together for a charity match.

With a couple of phone calls, he rounded up former greats including the Republic's favourite footballing son Fandi Ahmad, the dazzler "V" Sundramoorthy, hearthrob Abbas Saad and the "man with six lunds", Malek Awab, for a game against the media and celebrities this Sunday at the Tampines Stadium.

The electronic TNP for this article is not out yet. Meanwhile, here are some photos from TNP and Lian He Wan Bao.

[Click to enlarge]


When I was still in primary school, I would sit in front of the TV with my whole family to watch these matches. Fandi Ahmad... Rafi Ali... Abbas Saad... Jang Jung... Nazri Nasir... Lim Tong Hai... These are names so familiar in the past. In my opinion, the Malaysian Cup was far more interesting than any EPL match. It could also be that I'm a rather nostalgic person and so the fond memories of the past always ride over the present.

For those of you who like me, used to clap and cheer and shout "REFEREE KAYU!" while watching our Dream Team play, you may like to support their cause in helping to raise funds.

Details of the match here:

This match is happening this Sunday, 28 June. Do show your support for our dream team, celebrity team and Charmaine & feisty team.

Tickets are priced at $10 only.
[Updated: Tickets out for sale at Tampines Stadium general office at main entrance from Wed--Fri 10am--12noon and 2pm--6pm]

This event is organised by Rafi Ali, Rafi Ali Soccer School and their sponsors. All proceeds from the match would be used to pay for Charmaine's medical bills. Cynthia, Charmaine and the feisty team thank Rafi Ali, the school and their sponsors from the bottom of our hearts.

Oli Pettigrew who is playing in Team Celebrity has made a video to raise funds for Charmaine. Do take a look.


Edited to add:

There are also other fund raising activities happening. You can locate them on the right hand column of this blog.

We have received a lot of emails on Photoshoots.

1) SGPhotographyClub
Date : 28/06/09 ( sunday )
Time from 10am - 6pm
Location : No 34 , Arab Street #03-02 ( Mp Studio )

2) Doggie Photoshoot

And other forms of fundraising:

3) Hardwarezone Cash Donation
$1-$1 with conditions apply. Please donate via HWZ if you are a member there. We are trying to hit the 10K cap for the $1-$1 donation.
Updated! They have hit their 10k cap on 23 June at 2253!!! $0.00 left for dollar to dollar match. WHEE!!!

4) Guitar

The blogshop community has also come forth to help to raise funds for us, as well as forums that hold online auction, buy-and-sell. Mouse over the right hand column and click those which interest you.

Please support them as much as u can!!!!

Till date, we have $180K.
Thank you everyone!!!!!!

Love, Charlene

[Edited to add latest info on 24th June, 3.22am]


Anonymous said...

I can't say I fully understand how it feels like to be in the shoes of you heroes, and especially the biggest hero of all - Charmaine. But I do know that there must've been a lot of pain and tears involved and it's been a very tough journey for every single one of you. Let me first say that I am filled with deep admiration for Cynthia. The will to fight on for Charmaine, to do anything for her is enough to prove a mother's true love. Reading the posts of this blog brought tears to my eyes; I'm very moved by the determination of both Charmaine and her mommy - and, of course, the people managing this blog/ lending a hand in raising funds etc etc. It's been very tedious and taxing for all of you but you guys have been doing an awesome job. And although I don't know any of you personally, I know that it takes a lot of strength (both physical and mental) to take on such challenges and I applaud you guys for that. Continue to fight on! You'll have my support all the way.

To Cynthia and Charmaine, do hang in there. Things will get better in time; faith will help kill this horrendous "monster" that's been haunting your lives! When the nights get a little too long, and giving up seems like the easiest route out, do keep this in mind: Don't give up because at the end of the day, it'd all be worth it. Press on and stay strong, you'll win the fight. After all, tough times don't last, but tough people do. You're an inspiration to me and I hope you never forget that. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Rain said...

Finally! I'm so glad there are some Singapore celebs who are kind enough to care, and actually be so proactive at helping.

Cynthia, hold on and be strong! Your little girl will be in USA getting the treatment she needs soon. Don't over-stress, you can't get sick, remember? :)

Anonymous said...

hy feisty-team ;)
even if you maybe wouldnt go first this way (with medias) - its a good way now. and maybe you can make your third Dora true, who whispers to charmaine that she can go to NY ;)
more famous people have more possibilities to do something. 2 days ago i thougt "wow how you wanna collect 500k SD in such a short time" - now i think its really possible... its good, that we help each other like this.
cyn, you do it great! u are a great mum - and you do all you can for charmaine. never feel guilty. our prayers are with you and little feisty ;)

WaveSurfer said...

It's certainly heartwarming to see celebrities coming forward to do a good cause, especially during these bad economic times. It's like Singapore is coming together as one for a common cause.

I've been an avid fan of Fandi's Malaysian Cup team, during those times when I was much younger. Let's do the 'Tampines Roar' this Sunday! ^^

chloecube said...

i am so touched that there are so many kind ppl out lending a helping hands at this crucial moment.
To Charmaine,
you must hang in there and stay strong to fight the monster,Jia you!!!

Cyn mommy said...

Good morning all and yes, feisty team is very surprised and overwhelmed with these!!! Thank you thank you for helping ourprincess!
Love, Charlene

Yann said...

Thanks Fandi .. Our national HeRo from field to heart.

Anonymous said...

How to get the tickets?

Jocelyn said...

Our family will be donating our piggy banks of several years and transfer via paypal.

On top of that, I wish to run a batch of fundraising through selling of my website items, I would pledge $1k of products, which 100% will be going to Charmaine's fundraising.

Please reply me if you would accept this.

Cyn mommy said...

Tickets will be on sale on that day. Pre-event tickets sale information will be up shortly. Thankyou!!!

Mily Sulestriana said...

I'm so touched by our fellow men who are so full of heart.. Fandi, Abbas, Rafi etc.. My heroes, n now, Charmaine's heroes.. Also the other celebs... So touched by their actions... I will be there to give my support.. Currently gathering my pals on FB to help..

Cynthia, be strong...
Charmaine, we're all here for u.. Keep being feisty..

Love n Hugs..

Eve said...

wow, so happy to hear such news! Indeed the dream of sending Charmaine to NK for treatment gets nearer!

Really touched that the footballers and celebraties are helping.

Jia you Charmaine!

Anonymous said...

when you don't lose hope, and fight for what you want,miracles can happen. feels good to know that there are still compassion and love in this world.

Get well soon, Charmaine. =)

Faith said...

I just happen to stumble upon this blog and i believe in a bible hope for Charmaine.

Bring Charmaine to the New Creation Church this sunday, God will definately heal her and make her whole again.

If we can believe in what the doctor said, God's words are even more powerful.

Beloved, take the first step of faith.

God bless.

eidetical said...

Really glad that the news media is picking this up, and I'm hoping that this will really help you raise the funds needed! Btw, electronic version of TNP article is up: (,4136,205807,00.html?). Good luck and regards to Charmaine and Cynthia! Fight on!

Cyn mommy said...

Hi all,

Thanx to all of you! Cynthia and the feisty team are really touched beyond words whenever we read such sweet words from mere strangers. All of you are Charmaine's angels.

Latest update:
pre sale tickets out for sale at Tampines Stadium general office at main entrance from Wed--Fri 10am--12noon and 2pm--6pm

I've also edited this post to include this info.


Anonymous said...

Judging at the time the blog is updated always, the feisty team don't seem to sleep at all. New blog entries are always posted in the wee hours and yet comments are replied early the next morning. How do you people manage to do that?

Please get more sleep as you feisty team are Charmaine's pillar of support.

thy said...

Hi there mummy of Charmaine and all Charmaine's friends !

I felt really sad for what Charmaine a 4 year old little girl has to go thru, those who have a heart would really, really, try to give their best.

I understand it's Charmaine's birthday soon and her birthday is only 1 day earlier than mine !

Nw that Charmaine has transferred to a general ward, i would like to pay her a visit as i have some presents for her, if that is possible, please feel free to contact me at, or you could sms me a number i can contact you guys through. If it is not possible to visit Charmaine, i can pass the gifts to a representative that is able to collect from me.

I bought the gifts because i'm still a teenage and it isnt deem fit for me to be giving monetary gifts, i hope you can understand. I would encourage my friends and family to chip in what they can too, so anyway just drop me an email alright?

Take care pretty little girl, the star's always shining bright for you.

iNrthb's said...

Hey guys!
im just a kid. I cant really help much.
But i know that it isnt easy for you guys.
Things will get better(: smile , laugh!
laughter is the best medicine! :)
take care.

Anonymous said...

it is heartening to know that amidst the suffering that feisty princess is going thru', there are lots of kind pple out there who are willing to lend a helping hand.

Cyn mommy said...

Hi th-JESS & BaByBoI,
Thank you! Even though you may be kids, you certainly have big hearts.

I'm sorry jess, missed this out... anyone get back to you via email?

Hmm... You are partly rite about the feisty team not sleeping. ;P

Hot Cover Girls Central said...

just dropping by, thanks for the info,

-cathy young

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