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Friday, June 19, 2009

There have been numerous requests on the cash donation information and paypal details. Those who have been following this story would know that we have once put these information up, took it down etc due to certain issues.

After some discussion, we decided to put this up again, however, PLEASE PLEASE email us back on the details requested below. It is not for public mailing but for accountability and transparency should the authorities require it. (We also have a similar file for the expenses too)

Account Details:
POSB savings a/c 249-28205-7.
This is opened jointly under Cynthia Lim (Char's mommy) and Jolene Loh (Char's Godma) for Charmaine.

Internet Transfer:
Provide your name/nick on the IB trf to ease the admin work at our end to match donors information.

Cheque donations pose much higher probabilty of us not matching the donors as internet banking only reflects if it is QCDM without any account number. In this case, I will need the date of deposit, and amount of $.

This is under Godma's personal email because when we did this up, Char's email account wasnt created. Rest assure all funds inside would be for her. For Singaporeans, we strongly urge you not to donate via paypal as there would be admin charges. We would like 100% of the funds to go to Char instead.

PLEASE email us after you have transfered or deposited cheque with the following information:

1) Your full name or a first name at least
2) The name/ pseudonym/ initials used when doing internet banking
3) Date of transfer / Amount transferred
4) Whether you wish for your name to be
(i)displayed in full,
(ii)with some information blotted out or
(iii)with your initials/ pseudonym should we do a public posting of the list of donors.
5) Whether you wish to be on our mailing list
6) Please tell us how you allow Cynthia to use the donation
(a) Only to be used for Charmaine's medical expenses
(b) Use the money for Charmaine's medical and personal expenses only
(c) Use the money for Charmaine's medical and personal expenses, but if need be, you also allow her to use it to ease her family's expenses

1) Contact number
2) Preferred email address
3) Home address
4) Degree of contact. Eg “I’m Cynthia’s friend from _____.”, “I came from _____ forum”, “A friend gave me this link…” etc.

PLEASE EMAIL US BACK ON THE DETAILS EVEN IF YOU LIKE TO BE ANONYMOUS. This is to facilitate audit and for transparency.

Please refrain from sending us message on facebook as we may miss these out. email gmail instead.




hey, good to see that you put up the a/c no.

btw i think you shld put the bank account no. on the top and highlight it so that ppl who don't hv time to read all at least they can see the a/c no. and make the transfer.

i think it will be good that you can actually let the donors know how the money is use and what you gg to do if there's excess or unuse portion etc
like will you guys donate the money to those who has cancer too etc.

after the Huang Na case and alot of charity saga i am sure there are more ppl are more cautious and would hope that their donation are really helping those with problem and not using the money to enjoy life after everything.

my 2 cents worth!


i hv a fren few years back his son had lukemia, he is not very educated so unable to get a high pay job and with no ones help he has to work very hard, till date my fren(sole bread winner with 3kids)is working 3 job sleeping abt 4 hrs a day (had few accident because of his lack of sleep) just to support his family and pay his bill.

charmaine is more fortunate as you guys help to create public awareness but there are alot who don't know how to do it or whatever reason and they suffer in silent so i really hope if there's excess or any unuse portion you guys can help those needy since the donation is for charmaine illness.

sincerely hope you guys understand what i am talkinga about.

Tamjidi said...


Anonymous said...

Hi,what's the full name to be written on the cheq for the POSB savings a/c 249-28205-7? I will do the quick cheq deposit.

Cyn mommy said...


Sorry to miss this out. Please address to Lim Mei Ling Cynthia.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jolene and you and Cynthia must take care. Pls send our regards and tell Charmaine that she is a very brave girl and we all are very concerned about her too.

Feel goose pimples whenever I read about Charmaine and the donations update because is so touching and everyone is doing to help and not just read only.


Anonymous said...

and maybe you like to put the payee name up there so that is easier for ppl who like to make donation via cheq.


anttan said...

hi, i dun have chq nor POSB a/c, is there any UOB or OCBC a/c?

altho i have no kids and might not even have one in my whole life, but i do know of the feelings, stress and everything that you all are facing.

my donation might be too little for you due to commitments, but i still want to help.

please help to reply me to my email @ ann_tan_seokkwee@hotmail.com.

thanks alot!

Kiddy Wonderland said...

Hi Jo,

Would appreciate if you could indicate the email address on the above posting so that readers no need to go ard searching for that =p

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