Chemo #19 and inpatient with fever

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hi everyone,

Last week, we started Chemo #19 which is a new protocol but basically similar drugs. We switched Avastin into Vincristine and converted Irinotecan into Oral which was supposed to allow us to do it at home but alas, we had to have our fever so back inpatient since Thursday night. Extremely high fevers above 39.5 degrees. We finally finished our chemo yesterday but our fever spiked again yesterday morning so we did another blood culture which may mean another 48hrs stay...

Jase started his first day at LAA on Saturday and came straight to hospital for the weekend. We had a wonderful time racing on our self improvised car track on Sat but Sunday, Char was feeling more crappy and hence Jase just spent his time watching TV programs besides Char.

We are due to start another 5 days of chemo on Wednesday. Please pray that it will be uneventful and that we can do it at home with no surprises.

Thank you all.

Cyn mommy


stacey said...

Hope this helps.

stacey said...

Hope this helps.

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog... keep it up~~~ take care~~~ XD

Mama Joan said...

Hi princess, i hope all things are going well on your side! Jia You together with mummy cyn ok? Jia You Jia YOu Jia You!! God Bless!

:D said...

How are mom and kids? abit worried with the lack of updates.. no news means good news? Praying for you guys!

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