Updates on Charmaine

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorry for this lack of updates as things have been turning on the wrong direction for them.

They are still fighting, and please keep praying.

April 17, 10:37pm
Cynthia: I am suddenly out of steam :-( the 2 new lumps in her abdominal are freaking me out totally. They are HUGE. I was okay whole day since yday, but now, I cant stop crying... i dont think I can handle any of this.. I really wish I am the one suffering..

This came in last night, and please keep them safe.

Thanks everyone for their concerns.

Love, Charlene


aerosmith said...

Oh! so sorry to hear.. thought Mommy Cyn said no news is good news.. everything is getting better! I pray that Char will get better soon and the lumps will go away..

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