We got HOME on Monday 20th June!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

After more than a month of inpatient stay, we were finally discharged on Monday with a PCA pump delivering IV morphine 24/7 daily.

There was a couple of scares after we left KKH, with her complaining of more pain and her thigh looking more swollen again. I was immediately worried and paranoid, texted Dr Aung and she increased her steroids again, hoping to control the inflammation.

Today at 8am now, we are at Mount Elizabeth Hospital waiting for her radiation. And the swelling in her whole bod has gone down considerably. Except her right knee of course. The right knee where it all started more than one and a half years ago where she first relapsed. And we never could get it under control. :-(

Anyhow, Char is feeling extremely happy to just be home! She's smiling, laughing and giggling to herself all the times. It is such a wonderful sight to just watch her happiness. It's so infectious. Despite her pain, she still cannot hide her elation and joy.

I'm having a tough time here. Been hearing too many bad news and too many passings from our other families in NYC. Cancer sucks! NB is so disgusting and cowardly!!! How can I ever learn to forgive cancer when it has robbed so many of my friend's lives? And these are little kids who want to live! These are little kids in their single digit of age, wishing rather to be in great pains than die.

Gotta rush to KKH now for our next appt...

Will continue later...

Please continue to pray for Charmaine, and for so many other kids battling cancer. Pray for a cure for all. Pray for a lifetime of good health and happiness...

Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Dun worry Cyn, our prayers for lil Char and other lil' warriors never cease... You continue to focus on God n Char n Jase, leaving the prayers to us and the healing to God.

Lil' Princess, m glad that you are home with kor kor n your family. Continue to fight k? Jia You!!

yinkoh said...

don't lose heart..praying + hoping with you
<3 SY

Riddin said...

all ok? still in my prayers daily..

Ruth said...

cynthia..its really been a long journey for u! Glad char is happy to be home!

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