Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear all,

Just a real quick one.

Apparently Singapore is very low on blood products especially Platelets. If you can, please help us to go make a donation @ HSA (SGH).

Char has been needing platelets every other few days... and quite a number of kids within the ward has also been requiring transfusion every other day...

Because of last week's Public Holiday, the Blood Bank is extremely low... Char doesnt even have enough for transfusion today... They only have 2 small bags to give... Char platelet counts is only at 20,000... With 4 bags, it only goes up about 10,000-20,000... now we only have 2 bags... it probably wont make much of a difference... So please help...After transfusion, Char will still be far below the normal range and we will require transfusion tomorrow again, provided they have enough...

Char is O positive but if you are not O positive, you can still make the donation for other kids...

THANK YOU... All these kids' lives depend hugely on your donation.


Cyn mommy


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