A day where joy meets tears and love meets pain

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's been a day of many life experiences. 

1. Joy of growing up. Golf lessons with Jase. Seeing his pride and happiness. 

2. Vulnerability of life in sickness. Been 2 years since I last stepped into NUH. Yet, I rem almost every corner and all the memories started flooding back. Char, you are everywhere. I don't know how I did it but I know you are watching over me. In ICU, even his panting is as painful to watch as though I was watching yours... I didn't know what to say but I know I need to be there... 

3. Perfect union in love. Wedding of Uncle Charles n Ai Li Jie Jie. Such a beautiful moment. Char, it's ridiculous but I had a fleeting thought wondering how it would have felt if I am the mother marrying you off... Love is so magical. 

4. Deterioration of the human body in old age. Saw Mr Chiam ST at wedding. So frail, so helpless and yet such passion for life.

Today is a day filled with varied and extreme emotions. What remains unchanged is my love for you, my princess. And how much I miss you. I survive another day! I laugh, love and live. 

Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Happy valentine day lil char!!

Clarie Lim said...

Hi Cyn,

A posting so true and observations so discerning! Perhaps a better start to understanding is that we have no control over what is happening. While as mothers we tried to do as much as we could, we could only do this much. More importantly, you have shown Jase the hopes and joys of life by smiling and encouraging him along the reality of cares and the uncontrollable fate of life. May we leave our mark of love, hope and joy on our children as storms of life unfold…will drop by again and do take care.


ahgslj said...

Hi Cyn and Jase, I hope you are well. Just wanted to share a lovely song that I found really comforting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFEDTtKaFzU

Take care


Mama Joan said...

Hi, lil' Char, how are you doing in Heavens? Auntie is having a tough time here, life isn't exactly wonderful right now. But i drew strength from remembering you and the fighting spirit that you have shown me... I miss you, lil' princess...

Fresh n' Chic said...

Dear Cyn,

Be strong for Charmaine! My prayers are with u... You can do it!

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