Chemo Second Round

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sorry for the lack of response...

Feisty team have been quite busy and the internet there wasnt really good.

Charmaine has gone for her second round of chemo and the kids are doing great there. Yesterday was her second day and had to go for a 6.5hrs of chemo. It started late, dragged by the hospital and she was heavily sedated by the time at 11am NY Time.

The kids are all thrilled with us going in 1 weeks time and punishments are being carefully plotted by them for the longesssst time ever.

Thanks to Ray and his partner, Steph, Chorina, Auntie Fanny, Iris and many many more for keeping Cyn sane and making New York a home to them.
Ray, Safe travels to London and we will make sure your house is intact when you are back ;)

To the supporters who have been hanging there with us, sending regular sms-es to make sure the trio is fine.. thank you for making this year a wonderful one for us, despite the challenges they have faced.

Well, like what Chorina had said to us, all these had been panned out, to make sure that we are strong and never will fall again in face of other challenges.

We are leaving on 24th early early morning and be sure to update more when we are in New York!

Pray for good health for Godma Jolene for she has a new found love - toilet bowl.
Pray for Hama negative to come soon!

Love, Charlene


J.H said...

Wish everyone all the best for the trip, and Char for her HAMA to be negative soon!

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