Snow in NY

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Photos galore!

We just finished a Xmas lunch/dinner kindly organised by RMH with a group of warm volunteers. Thanks to everyone who made this day possible, to give us the strength, the warmth, the love and the support.

Here are a few photos taken over the last 1 week when the snow first touched our feisty princess.

The photos are not in chronological order as our internet connection is quite bad here. So we had randomly uploaded them.

1. RMH House organized a kid's charity run and Jase & Char had, of course, participated in this run.

Holding hands to support each other in their first run.

Running to her brother, who is waiting for her before crossing the finishing line.

2. A rock-climbing trip with Ray and Orathai

Donning her gear, she climbed at such a height that she froze when she needed to get down.

Fooling around in Ray's house late @ night

3. Beautiful Gingerbread House made by the kids
4. Kids on snow

Outside the street of RMH
Playing in the garden of RMH

Love, Charlene


Ms. Potatoe said...

My my, the kids are so adorable... Char looks really cute now with her short hair :)))) Enjoy Xmas Cyn mummy...

yaya said...

It's really great to see Charmaine & Jase enjoying their 1st snowing Christmas in NY.

Wishing Cynthia,kiddos, Charlene & Jolene happy holiday & a magnificent New Year!!! :)

Chris said...

Good to see Charmaine and Jase having a good time. Charmaine has
grown quite abit.

Have a blessed Christmas, enjoy with the kids Cyn mummy.

phoenixbabe said...

Merry Christmas !! Love & miss the kiddos' energy ,cheerfulness and joy ! Char's hair is so long now !!! :)

JulietJas said...

Dear Cyn,

The kiddos are growing so tall! And they seems to be having lots of fun!
Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Praying for you always...Aunty J

Mic said...

its nice to see the kids enjoying themselves.. whenever i see Charmaine's smile... it just brightens up my day and gives me the courage to face certain things... wishing charmaine, jase, cynthia, jolene and charlene a happy 2010, may this year be a smooth-sailing and EVERYTHING GOOD year for all of u...

Mama Joan said...

Had been wanting to write something but each time before i can start typing, tears rolled. To trace back from start, so much things had happened to lil char, cyn n jase. From shock to despair to hope to unbelievable healing, so much things had happen over 2009. The tears, pain and fear, so much things you have gone thru in such a short time and now u emerge a warrior, a fighter and most importantly a winner! Congrats, Charmaine n cyn n jase and most of all, i thank God for His mercy n healing powers. In end days like this, we see the strength of God's ppl coming together to pray for a child whom we don't even know. But it is thru this trial, we see humanity. We see hope for our next generation, we see warm in this cold, cruel world we thought we live in. there are so many things that happen in 2009 and we do not understand why it happen but all in all, we survive. Let's look forward to a better tomorrow, a better one for your family becos i believe you deserve it. A reward of peaceful, prototype of life for a family after the roller coaster life you have gone thru. Have a blessed 2010 to everyone of you.

Jennifer (Kids Cancer Crusade) said...

I just learned of your story and I'm so glad you've been able to make it to NYC for treatment. They are doing wonderful things at Sloan! I will be keeping your family in my thoughts as you start a new year full of HOPE!


Yew Heng said...

I just want to say that the kids look like they are having tons of fun. May you all have a wonderful and blessed 2010. Many more beautiful things to come.

Jolene said...

Happy New Year everyone!
Thank you so much =)

The internet here is quite shaky and we will update more when it is up.

Love, Cynthia.

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