Her new Chemo

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A few hours from now, Charmaine will be heading for a new round of chemo, supposedly just a few hours course. This new chemo is meant to break down her body to revert back to Hama negative before she can proceed on with the treatment.
As of the same as each new drug being injected to her, there is bound to have questions laying around when her body starts to react to it.

Every parents (minus that 1 dad) worries the same for their own children. Cyn Mommy had been paranoid the entire day, packing clothes in even though it was not required. You never know what will happen especially with new drug. I am sure, we all remember days of first 3F8 ...

Thanks for making arrangement, Aunty Iris, for the babysitter, in case Jase is being left alone.

If everyone could, do pray for Charmaine, to allow her to pass through this chemo, as uneventful as possible.

Love, Charlene


Mama Joan said...

Dear Lord, I ask for thy hand to be upon lil' charmaine as she go thru her chemo session. Lord please let there be little or even zero, side effects on her. Lord, this kid had suffered enough. Pls reward her and her family for their fighting spirit and courage. And i claim thy healing power upon Charmaine in the name of Jesus! Amen

Charmaine, jia you!

Chris said...

We will be praying for Charmaine on this new chemo session. She will be fine, she is a very strong little lady.

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