The fight goes on!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Few weeks before, Charmaine had her routine bone marrow test and the result is out.
Looks like our princess has been fighting very strongly with the Monster!
She is still cleared of cancer cells in her body! (^^)

Some photos that we took during Xmas day.
RMH has organized volunteers to come by for a celebration and boy, was it an enjoyable event for the kids!

While our very chinese-meals kids do not really eat much in such event, it was a nice touch by the volunteers to come by the Home in this day.


Charmaine loves her Angel Gingerbread woMan.

All of us where in Santa hats from Dasio and here is our pretty santarina!

.. and she chooses her Princess dress to go along with in this special occasion.

Love, Charlene


Ms. Potatoe said...

Cyn mami... she looks just like you, so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! Jia you all of you! xx

kangta164 said...

Great to hear she still has good spirits!

Mama Joan said...

I just love your smile so much! Its so sunshine!! Pretty girl! Jia You Princess!!

yq-owns-it said...

加油! And Happy New Year...

Bing said...

Hi, I came by to this blog to see how Charmaine is doing. Glad to see her healthy and happy! I just want to send good thoughts and best wishes to her and to her family for the new year. Cheers!

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