Why are my hands trembling so bad...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Charmaine did her MRI of the brain on tuesday and MIBG scan yesterday. Its now 930 hrs on thursday morning and she is supposed to be doing her last scans - CT of the chest, abdominal and pelvis.

Dr Kushner just called me on my phone. I've never ever recevied a phone call from him directly. And I heard what I didnt wanted to hear... I had a bad premonition last night and I dont know why. I hate my brain, I do.

He said that they need a bone marrow on her after the CT. I asked him, "Did something turn up wrong yesterday?" He said, "something showed up on her MIBG".

Damnit. I dont know what else to say. I cant continue...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for Charmaine! PLEASE. I NEED to CROSS the one year mark FREE of that horrible monster. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... Please let yesterday's results be a mistake. Please let her bone marrow be clear. Please let her CT be clear. Please let everything be good. Oh god, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME NOW!?!?!


kangta164 said...

Be strong for Charmaine. I know how it feels when words of encouragement may feel empty especially when life hasn't been a smooth one when you're dealing with sickness. Keep finding strength in God.

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