Charmaine is ok, all scans completed, waiting for reports

Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm so glad thurs is over and I'm so relieved that Charmaine has completely all her scans successfully, but most certainly
not without more glitches from the admin side. I will definitely update more because I feel
that everyone should be aware of what happened to me; it can happen to anyone.

Charmaine is recuperating well and is already up and running. But I'm totally drained. Pls give me a couple of days to regain my energy and I will be back to update more.

Thank you all for so generously and faithfully keeping Charmaine and our
family in your daily prayers. It has definitely helped us survive the past 2 weeks.
Thank you.

Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

m glad to hear that you and charmaine are getting fine and the ordeal of the scans is over. I sure the results will be good! Have a blessed weekend!!Praise the Lord!

Han&Gab said...

Hi Cyn, if you have some time...perhaps you'll like to watch "Letters To God"'s screening at Vivocity now. May the Lord strengthen your faith and grant you joy as you walk in obedience with Him.

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