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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today turned out to be nothing we expected.

Charmaine just came out from an urgent MRI scheduled in last minute this morning. She has a cast on her whole right leg... a new plug set on her left hand... and not to mention the gripple needle on her portacath.

The Head Ortho Surgeon came in this morning and said that the X Ray is seeing something suggestive of a fracture. They looked at last Thursday MRI scan and saw the same thing. (But nothing is mentioned in the report) He went back to her first MRI scan in Feb this year and no such fracture was seen. He, however said that it is normal and most people are expected to have some bone changes after a bone infection (which Charmaine had in Feb). The good news is that we know she is neither having any infection nor is it anything NB. So, looking on the bright side - YEAH.

While he doesnt have any clear idea of what is going on exactly, no treatment is needed except for the usual pain relief med.

However, he ordered Charmaine's right leg to be put in a cast and an urgent MRI of her knee so that he can have a better idea of what is going on.

And thats how our day begins on that unexpected note...

A cast... Charmaine is not going to be happy about it given her conscious nature. While she doesnt show any depression at her lack of hair, I know she is upset but she never ever lets it affect her. However, this is about as far as she is willing to show in terms of her cancer life. As far as possible, she will not want people outside the ward to see her in a plug, or her gripple needle, or even her pyjamas when she is inpatient, and needless to say, she really gets very upset when she has to go anywhere outside the ward with her pump and drip.

So, a cast is like me asking too much of her. I tried to prepare her and she didnt throw any fit when we were going downstairs to the clinic for her cast. But once we reached there, she started sobbing so sadly. I tried and tried to no avail, in calming her. Finally, I decided to let her cry it out. As usual, like the matured little girl she is, she calms herself down almost as soon as she feels better.

We were wheeled back to our room and barely 15mins later, we were informed that we should start getting ready for the MRI scan, which they managed to schedule in after office hours. (This was after much debate over whether do we proceed with GA or not; Sedation or not.) Finally, the decision was Oral Sedation because I honestly didnt want to go into another long 'fight' with the anasethetist to use the drug that Charmaine is comfortable with and it didnt make any sense to wait for a date that much later.

(The above was typed around 7ish this evening and when I typed until there, a Medical Officer walked into our room)

Apparently, our preliminary MRI Knee results showed some sort of fluid collection and than all of a sudden, Charmaine is hooked up to antibiotics, being treated for Bone Infection.

So here we are, from just an initial diagnosis of Trauma Injury yesterday, we were told this morning its more like a Fracture, and than now, we are being treated for bone infection with a cast (for fracture)!

I promised myself to write all the positive things that has happened today when I started writing hours ago. It is now 12 midnight and all the sudden change has confused me and made me lose my focus now.


Did I mention that Charmaine did really GREAT AND FANTASTIC considering that she was not prepared for everything she had to go through today. From the setting of a plug on her left hand to the setting of a cast on her whole right leg and successfully completing her MRI Scan under sedation only. YEAH!

I discussed with Charmaine like she is an adult, telling her that we will not 'take picture' today with her favourite white medicine because we are going to prove to everyone that she can do it! I asked her if she can do it, and she said YES! So simple, no questions, no why. Than I had to ask whether she wanted to take her picture with her orange medicine (oral sedation) or be wide awake talking to mommy. She said Orange Medicine. Thats it! Once again, no crying, no fussing. Its easier asking her to make decisions like these than asking her what she feels like eating for the next meal! :-) I have such a mature, intelligent and sensible little princess! YEAH!!!

In her own words: "I cant use my leg and I cant use my hand now too. I'm very uncomfortable." As uncomfortable as she is, once she woke up from her sedation, she is basically all smiles and cheekiness again. YEAH!

OH, one last thing, I just received a reply from our primary physician in MSKCC, Dr Kushner on Charmaine's scan results about an hour ago!



Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Dear lil princess, after reading what your mummy had posted in this blog, auntie heart is broken.. your maturity and your sensibility and your suffering just make my heartache. You are such a mature, sweet and sensible daughter that any mother would be loved to be blessed with...and it is so unfair for lil children like you to suffer like this.... I really really wish I could just press a button to make all of you healed...
Press on princess, becos i believe God will heal u very very soon. Press on mummy cyn, victory is just ahead!!

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