Touched and moved to tears. THANK YOU.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My deepest appreciation and gratitude to:-

Make A Wish Foundation

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Belcanto Music Studio

Pei Leng, Hwee Keng, Debbie and all the volunteers from Make A Wish for making Charmaine's Concert and 5th birthday party such a special and brilliant event! You have all granted Charmaine's biggest wish to hold her concert, just like old times when she was in school. And yoy have put in so much efforts to make it such a big gala that she sincerely believe that she's the superstar for the day!

Teacher Edward and all the big jie jie who volunteered their time to sing along with Charmaine! You all have given her the courage to sing her own solo! Thank you Teacher Edward for turning my dear Charmaine into a superstar almost overnight!

Anthony, Rachel, Mike, Pat from Grand Hyatt Hotel! All of you went all the way out in making our stay so comfortable and pleasant! In fact, we were treated like royalties! Thank you! I've heard from all my friends and family that the moment they stepped into Grand Hyatt, they were chaperon around like VIPs! Such exemplary services can only come from your hearts. Thank you so much for making this event SP heartwarming and yet so grand! I will remember this and everyone of you for the rest of life!

Dr Keith Goh, Mr Ian and Mr Paul for taking time off to grace this event. It's such an honour and pleasure to have you with us!

Sister Helena, nurses from KKH, CCF, Cordlife, all my family and friends...

THANK YOU for coming to support Charmaine!

We are all so blessed, so fortunate and so honoured to have all of you be a part of this special day. Everyone of you made it all the more meaningful and memorable. Without all your love and support, we couldn't have made this concert and party such a success.

Thank you!

PS: We are currently inpatient for her next chemo. I will try to upload pictures and write more when I get more time.

Please bear with us as we will be commuting daily to and fro, and it's primary one registration now! Gosh, can't believe that my little boy is already going Pri one! I'm getting old!

Cyn mommy

Dr Keith Goh, Mr Ian, Mr Paul, all the volunteers, my 'baby sitters' and everyone who turned up to support Charmaine's concert and birthday party!


Mama Joan said...

Happy birthday charmaine!!

stacey said...

Showering you with love, Happy Birthday Charmaine! :)

stardusz said...

Happy birthday princess :)

BTW, saw the video at Hyatt. Is it possible for me to have a copy?

Jolene said...

Hi Stardusz, drop us a note. We only have one taken thru iPhone.. =X

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