Its 14th July! She is officially 5! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi everyone,

Charmaine was discharged last saturday without having to complete her antibiotics because thankfully, she didnt get any infection. Instead, she has flu like symptoms such as a bad cough and a blocked nose, hence we deduced that she may have caught some viral flu.

I know I have been falling back with my updates. Please accept my sincere apologies. So many times, I have so many things that I want to say but yet a part of me is tired, lazy and just preoocupied with too many administrative stuff I need to straighten out and too many chores at home undone.

Sometimes I am so happy that I want to rejoice loudly here and share my joy with everyone but yet there's something about jinx and my happiness that whenever I shout out loudly saying that we are doing great and everything is going on well for us, some annoying fever has to appear days after... hence I become really paranoid. Friends who are close to me will probably scold me for being ridiculous (AGAIN) but what can I do right... its just something that has caught on my attention and I really wouldnt risk Charmaine's health for anything.

Charmaine finally gotten her decayed tooth fixed last friday at KKH Dental so its one worry down for me. Jase dropped his first tooth last month and a second one is starting to shake. Its amazing witnessing every phase that our child goes through; every little thing seem so exciting and so heartwarming. Hmm, I'm thinking how I should collect every tooth and stick them nicely onto a scrapbook. Haha... Its so good to be counting baby milk teeth and I am getting all excited about Primary One! I'm so gonna get emotional and cry and embarrass him totally when I walk him through the gates on his first day. Opps, am I thinking too far ahead already? Yes, yes, I need to bring my focus back to present and current. :-)

Presently and currently, Jase and Charmaine are playing in the room, screaming and laughing at the same time. :-)

~~14th July 2005~~
Tomorrow is 14th July! Bet you folks dont know what day is it! Please allow me to refresh your memory. 5 years ago on 14th of July 2005, Charmaine is born! A healthy 3.29kg bundle of joy. She is unlike Jase, when Jase is born, he is so tiny and I felt like I would crush him easily if I wasnt careful. Charmaine, on the other hand, is chubby and tough! It felt like I was carrying a one month old baby with no stress. In fact, she could hold her own head up by 2months old! She has always been the feisty one from day one. I nicknamed her my little 'chill padi'. :-)

My little chilli padi has grown and grown to become a little princess. Although not quite the normal childhood, but definitely just as interesting and memorable. I had been so worried that Charmaine would get a huge stage fright and refuse to go onto stage on her birthday party but guess what, she proved mommy wrong! A big time! I even openly ask for all our guests to pardon her and her brother if they couldnt remember their steps as they had only one hour to learn 2 days before their performance. Well, I worried too much! (As usual) She not only happily walked up onto stage and even remembered every step correctly down to her curtsey! And to top it off, she sang the entire song correctly on her own!

I was in tears, tears of joy, full of pride for my little ones. And I cant think of another occasion where I am happier to be proven wrong! :-)

And from now until next week's scans, I am just going to concentrate on being happy and celebrating Charmaine's turning 5 everyday!

I am not going to even touch on that topic until we are near there.

Please say an extra praise to dear god for I am only able to be here rejoicing about Charmaine turning 5 and celebrating life because of his abundance blessings.

THANK YOU God and THANK YOU to everyone who has been with us throughout our journey.

Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Yes, we must praise God for His grace, mercy and love! Thank you Lord, for everything that you have done for us!

And Charmaine, Happy Birthday!

Joseph said...

Happy birthday charmaine , may god bless you !!!! I'm from belcanto (:

Joseph said...

Hello charmaine , happy birthday to you , may god bless you ^^

I'm from belcanto (:

2amYH said...

Happy birthday Charmaine! I hope things will go smoothly for you. Actually on the parnoid part, u may not be wrong, some old folk always said not to say anything nice or good infront of baby, if not they may later turn otherwise. This was actually true for me. N as long as I know and keep the good news with me, that good part tends to last longer! Take care n have a wonderful day! God bless!

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