Another option

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cyn's sms:

"We're trying out another trial, 2 mths, see how she reacts. Also having a minor op next week to put a temp line in. They want to harvest her stem cells *here."

*here meaning the other side of charmaine's chest



Michael said...

We will keep on praying for Charmaine like any other parents will do for theirs kids. Hang on there

Mama Joan said...

No winter lasts forever; no spring, skips its turn. Stay strong, cyn, for your faithfulness will be rewarded.... I will continue to keep Charmaine in my prayers.

Cyn n Charmaine n Jase, jia you!!

crazy me said...

I know I'm going to be whacked up for saying this, but given how quickly NB progresses, wouldn't you want to come home where you can all be surrounded by friends and family who love you?

My concern is that at some point Charmaine will be too weak to take the long flight.. Would u want to wait till then?
Hang in there... We can and should hope for a miracle... But support is also that important..

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