The strength is strong

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The fight with the monster is still ongoing, and our princess never stop fighting.

Despite a low 2010, our chirpy princess is still so feisty.

She just woke up, and "parroting" (echoing whatever Cyn says) throughout our conversation. Charmaine misses home, misses Singapore, misses her po po and gu gu loads.

Festive season is coming, and many of you would have received an email to get Perfume . Nope it is not spam (for those who asked), and it is actually an initiative by Josse. The funds will help tremendously for Cynthia and family, be it living, or searching for other options for Charmaine.

Do not forget to pray for her and the family for strength. Of course, for Jase jase too =)

Thank you Ling lee and friends,
Thank you Huiling and team from iDA
Your continual efforts in raising funds for the family has minus a few bits of stress from Cyn's daily worries.

Last December was when Godma Jolene and myself, spent our Xmas with them.
This year, I am all stuck in Singapore.

Miss you, Miss them...
Babe, hang on strong.

Love, Charlene


han1502 said...


Where can i get the perfume...
Can u email to me the details to the below email . Thanks


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