We are having our afternoon tea party at KKH inpatient!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jase is here, Char and me are extremely happy to have him here with us! This is how Jase will remember his growing up childhood years; all the bus trips, MRT trips he takes with his Gong Gong to KKH to deliver breakfast and dinner for his sister. Albeit somewhat not an ideal or typical way to spend weekends but we do have our UNO games, siblings rivalry and movies time together! And that's what matters at the end of the day! So, here we are with tons of food, fruits and drinks to cater to Char's occasional bouts of hunger pang and pray that it's something she finds appetizing.

On the medical front, char spiked a fever on Thursday. Nothing surprising really. But that explains why we are inpatient! Waiting for blood culture results and hopefully no infections so we can get out of the hospital soon! Not that we don't like it but nowhere beats being at home!

As for other aspects of our medical situation, let's just say I am totally freaked out. We have scans the following week and the scanxiety is driving me nuts. I am literally on a nervous breakdown and YES I am trying so hard to put on my fake brave front for my little ones. Her latest series of blood tests have revealed that her tumor markers are once again elevated. I am just heart broken, devastated and at a total loss. :-( we are out of options in Singapore and I am so scared, so frustrated with our no options in Singapore shld the news be one I don't wish to hear. I want to keep everyone at home for treatment but Singapore has almost nothing. :-( I keep telling myself not to think about it now and just live, laugh and treasure every moment but the painful truth is my fear and anxiety is eating away at my faith and courage...

I need your help. Please, please pray harder, louder and longer for us. I am holding on desperately to hope and praying that some miracle is already happening right now. Please heal my child. My innocent, helpless child... And every child who simply doesn't deserve any of these suffering, pain and tears. They ALL deserve to be by the side of their mothers!!!

Thank you so much for being by our sides... I truly appreciate it and I don't know how to ever repay all the love that have been showered upon us...

Cyn mommy


Choong Seng said...

Hi Cyn,

Just want you to know that Charmaine and other NB children (we know) are always remembered during my family's daily prayer to God. May I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and believe that he loves your daughter. While it may sound impractical, it is the most powerful thing you can do, and Jesus will cause you to reign over this storm in your life.

Gabriel's daddy.

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