Back Home After 3rd Chemo

Monday, April 20, 2009

During her stay in NUH over the past few days, Charmaine had been quite active and cheerful.

However, she has been experiencing more side effects as compared to the first 2 rounds. She vomitted and complained of sore throat and tummy ache which Cynthia suspects could be nausea as this is one of the side effects of chemo.


Happy moments over the weekend

Charmaine had been really active over the weekend.

She kept requesting to come down from the bed to take a walk.

That was troublesome to the adults as we had to push the bar with all the drips. More importantly, we were afraid of the line being jerked out from the port.

Most of the time instead of walking, she would be standing on the bars while being pushed around. It's much safer this way.

It was really cute… the way she got onto the “surf board” and waved goodbye while Charlene pushed her around. Indeed, she looked like she was surfing.

Sometimes, Jase would get onto the “surf board” as well. There was once when he put his hand on the small of Charmaine’s back and said,

“Mei mei still small. I must hold mei mei wait she fall down.”

I didn’t manage to capture that candid shot in time and I could kick myself for it.


Had a study session with Jase on Sunday and he was such a darling.

He was supposed to draw himself since it was the theme of "Body". However, he insisted on drawing mei mei and cyn mummy in the box too.

Who could fault him for being out of point when he was being a loving son and brother?

Cooking and play time!

Both kids are so sweet to each other!


frezb26 said...

hi, when my dad had his chemo, the side effects tend to show up after more rounds. if possible, can try to boil some barely for char to drink in place of water. :)

Jolene said...

Hi frezb26,

Thanx for the tip. =)

The barley you are referring to is the normal boiled barley seed drink?

I tried doing a search on barley and its relations to chemo. It seems like most websites talk about barley juice or leaves having a wide spectrum of necessary vitamins and nutrients, not the seeds. Hence, would like to check with you.

Thanx in advance. =)

June said...

Hey... I hope Charmaine is feeling better now! =)

Time flies... She had her 3rd chemo already. I hope everything will go smoothly for her & continue to fight the "monster" in her tummy bravely!

Vonvon said...

Poor little sweetie hair drop until like that, see le also heartache.. sigh

JIAYI :D said...

Heartache to see her sweetie hair drop D: must get well soon! brave lil charmaine! Love ya' x3

Anonymous said...

both kids are indeed the sweetest..

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