Platelets Transfusion Today

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Charmaine has to undergo platelets transfusion as her count is too low. As I'm typing, she is having the transfusion now... 2 packs.


June said...

Hey Jolene,

Actually how's Charmaine's condition right now after going to NUH??

Jolene said...

Charmaine should be fine. I din get a reply from cyn today but they are back at home. =)

Yesterday during the transfusion, char had a bad reaction. Was trembling a lot and crying. Prayed for her and did lotsa image training.

i.e.p said...

how's Charmine right now? all the best to her and god bless! will be praying hard for her:)

Pixie said...

Charmaine is back at home now but her count is not good still. But our feisty princess is still going on very strongly fighting with the monster in her tummy. =D

June said...

Oh my... I hope whatever count that is will be back to normal real soon

Jia You Charmaine!!

Trix said...

Char 加油加油!! Cyn 妈妈也要加油!

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