A quick update after 3rd chemo

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear all,

This post was supposed to come earlier but I didn't have the time to update till now.

Charmaine has been quite sickly after she was discharged. She kept suffering from nausea and vomited quite a few times. She was weak and lethargic most of the time, quite different from how she looked in the recent photos. These are the side effects of chemo.

Jase was having fluctuating high fever since Wednesday. His temperature reached as high as 39.5. Doc said it was the flu.

Cynthia had succumbed to sickness as well. She was really weak on Friday and vomited too. Doc said she caught the flu from Jase. She was a lot better on Friday night but it requires some time to fully recover from flu.


Quick update from Charlene via email
Friday, 24th April

This morning, sms from Cynthia came.
"Need your help. I am very sick. Char look bad too"

I knew her appointment with Dr. today, so i had pre-empt my office for urgent leave.
"See u in NUH 8th floor"

When I was there, Cynthia looked worse than yday, and she is trying to avoid contact with Charmaine and other kids for fear she might pass her virus to them. She seemed to have gotten it from Jase, who has high fever for 2 days of 39ish. She couldnt seperate them on the bed. So the virus just passed from 1 to another.

Dr consultation was that Charmine need not be warded, but counting the days, it seemed that these few days, will be her low imune day and the first week of May will be the bone marrow test. There were some qns that Cynthia asked which i didnt catch cos i was looking (playing) with Charmaine.

Some key points:
- 2 to 3 out of 20 children were cured
- 3F8 couldnt be made available to her despite Dr plea.
- Dr encourage (shld $ not an issue) to go to New York for her treatment. But at least USD70K to be deposited with the bank (like a form of guarantee?)
- 3rd chemo has a substance that will cause Charmaine to be nausea that why she been vomitting so much after that
- ch14.18 that we checked online, Dr did not hear of it but mentioned it could be other hospitals treatment. So 3F8 is still our best bet for now. 100% movine (mice) though.

Cynthia health been going downhill. She vomitted while heading back on a cab. Basiaclly is zero action but the kids keep asking for her. She seen the doctor took her medicine. But not good.

New maid is in, but not yet adjusted.


Dear kind souls who have been leaving comments,

Just to let all of you know we've been reading all your comments.

Even though Cynthia doesn't leave replies here, you can rest assured that she reads every single one of the comments and she really appreciates it. =)

Thanx for all your well wishes and words of encouragement.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jolene, I'm Cyn's colleague Tong. Sad to read the post today! Really hope all of them getting well soon. Juz wonder if u all ever consider consulting Chinese Physician over Charmaine's condition?

Pixie said...

Hi Tong, do you have any recommendations on the physician? Charmaine gets nausea very easily and along with other side effects of the drug now that she is on her third round.

You can email directly if you are uncomfortable in leaving the contacts here =)

Thank you!

sy said...

hi cyn, i'm jolene's friend. i check here every once in a while to find out how u guys r doing.. am praying for your family. v encouraged by your tenacity + love. do stay strong and press on, you have all our support.
love, sy

Anonymous said...

Hi Pixie! This is Tong again. Sorry for late reply, I dun really know any famous Chinese Physician but u may try the Eu Yan Sang(余仁生)at Jurong East oh! The doctor only see the patients 1 or 2 days a week. My friend went for chemo too for her breast cancer and had the nausea. After seeing this doctor, her nausea problem is getting very much lighter now. If u all are interested to find out more, I can check for u all the details. U may contact me at 96843059 or email me at tongth@hotmail.com

Jolene said...

Hi Tong,

During the initial phase of Charmaine's diagnosis, cyn did seek for contacts of Chinese physicians with the hope of using both western and eastern healing. Afterall, easten healing is more natural.

We/ Cynthia would get back to you should we /she need more info.

Thanx a lot for your help!


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