Some inconvenience....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Posting on behalf of Jolene, her handphone has unfortunately been stolen and so those who has her main line, if you have her second line number please sms her from there.

Else, you can also email to us.

Have a few moments to pray for Charmaine too.
Some quick updates:
- Charmaine is getting better day by day, very chirpy and back to her endless energy self. Thanks for all. The "Day10" low immunity issue has not reached us despite day 12-14 right now i cant remember. =X
- She will be in the OT for a short while next Tuesday for her bone marrow test.Please pray for her for it to be a short, smooth, and painless one.


Angela Chua said...

Mummy, I guess I wouldn't be visiting you, char n jase. Although there's no case of confirmed Swine Flu in SG or TTSH, to play safe, I think I shouldnt get near you.

Unless im coming from home. Though I dont see it will be an issue. But for char, I think better not risk it.

How are you feeling? recover from fever already.. mus take care of urself...

JIAYI :D said...


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