Giving thanks on thanksgiving...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello everyone,

Its a been awhile. My internet connection was unstable and laptop is faulty. Got me a little frustrated so I just stayed away from my laptop for awhile. Its actually refreshing because I am so reliant on my laptop and internet since we arrived here... feels like my world is just virtual, other than time with my 2 kiddos.

So I survived. :-) Spent time reading and enjoyed myself immensely with books.

Charmaine repeated her blood test on Monday 23rd Nov, instead of the previous week (the team made a mistake in the dates and got us all worrying unneccesarily) and the result was out on 24th Nov. Charmaine is still HAMA POSITIVE.

The plan now is to start her on Chemo on the 1st of Dec. The drug is different from those in Singapore and its gonna be her first time. As such, we are not sure how her body will react to it... whether she will develop any allergic reaction which requires admission... As a precaution, Iris has helped me arrange a babysitter whom will come and look after Jase overnight in case Charmaine has to be admitted. Sigh... it is stressful even just typing this out.

Nonetheless, we are all doing OKAY. Stephanie invited us over to her house for Thanksgiving Dinner and the kids had a blast! They were creating tons of noise pollution and absolutely love the 'FAT CHICKEN' (as termed by Jase)! Charmaine even requested that Auntie Stephanie teach me how to cook the yummy turkey! Haha...

That was a very delicious meal and I ate so many things that I have never eaten before - the really yummy-licious stuffing, the pumkin pie and the pretty in pink jello! A very big thank you to Stephanie, Ron, Joanne, Andrew and Grammy for having us at their family thanksgiving. You are a home away from home to me. THANK YOU.



Chris said...

Hi Cyn,

Good to know your internet is up and working again. Glad to hear that you guys are doing ok, dont worry, will be praying for Charmaine, are you still staying at the Ronald McDonald House in NY?
Have a blessed Christmas.

J.H said...

good to hear you've enjoyed thanksgiving. It's great to know that someone are sent to comfort you amist all this difficulties.

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