And so, they grow....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

time must have been wheezing by for I never realise how much both have grown over the last few months. It seemed like yesterday, when we wore our Xmas hat @ RMCC, shivering in the cold bitter winter of NYC.

Days without Jase, Charmaine will send in random sms that she clicked on the phone. The smile that she gives, when she says, Charlene jiejie, where is your phone, u know that this cheeky princess of ours, is bound to something naughty. To pass her time in the hospital, she also sends random sms to all of us, feeling proud of herself that she had mastered the "adult skills".

Weikang was first shocked by Jase sms, then Cynthia. We have not stopped and think, how this little boy, has grown to be a man, in just 6 months stint in NYC. His actions, his thoughts, and now, his linguistic capabilities.

Now, the smses sent out by both of them, makes more sense. Though short answers, at least it meant, he understood =D
Charlene: I love U, U love me, we are a big family
Char&Jase: no
Charlene: CRY!
Charlene: U love weikang korkor?
Char&Jase: yes
Charlene: I am crying. U want to kiss me?
Char&Jase: no

They make my day! =)

Here's a drawing and writing by the kids when they pop by my workplace few weeks back. Love u!

Love, Char


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