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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hey everybody,

We are back in KK again! Since yesterday, char has been rather lethargic, not exactly her usual self... She does try to have fun every now and then but it seems that her body doesn't wanna listen to her mind. Within 10 mins of play, she would say that she's very tired...

Throughout the day, she experienced abdominal pains coming on and off and diarrehea, which are all side effects from the chemo drug - irinotecan. While these are sort of expected as she experienced the same side effects last cycle, I must admit that her low level of energy is definitely something new and worrying...

It's now past 1am. We arrived at A&E abt 2230 hrs and until now, no medication. I'm kind of used to such routines though. I must say it can be rather universal. In NYC, the waiting time for medication can be rather long and daunting too. Best experience so far has to be NUH where the onco nurses would actually go down to access the child and start them on antibiotics while waiting for a bed.

Today, we were all shocked when we walked into the doors of A&E! The entire place was swamped with families! It wad fully packed to the brim I think there were easily close to hundred of people in there. Good grief!

Despite the number of people waiting, we were attended to within 30 mins. I'm so grateful because frankly, I was rather freaked out at the over-crowding with char just completed chemo 2 days ago, I was honestly very concerned and paranoid at the amount of virus floating around! Thank god, there were also available beds at ward 76.

Nonetheless, although we got to our bed abt 12, the doctors didn't come until more then an hour later. I wasn't too frustrated, because I had witnessed the craziness at the A&E myself. But I was just a little upset at having to rouse Char up after she has fallen soundly asleep.

We are all done now! Paracetemol and fortum are given. All I have to do now is to sponge her and try not to doze off in between.

Please pray for all her blood culture results to be good and negative and of course for her fever to go off entirely!!!

Goodnight everybody!

cyn mommy


stacey said...

Weave in faith, life will find the thread.

2am said...

Thanks god, it's a relieve after reading the updates. Be strong, charmine. I think her body probably fighting very hard with the monster this time that she is showing the tireness more than before, as well as the fever. I hope these are all postive sign from the monster being badly beaten up in this round of treatment. May god bless you with upmost strength needed for the fight and soon you will be on the road of recovery.

JulietJas said...

Dear Cyn,
Daily when I'm praying, I think about Char, Jase & you. I didn't want to beg or plead for healing because I have faith that the healing is already taking place. Its tiring mentally, physically and emotionally to be in your place. But I surrender you unto God's hands. You are tiny but HE is strong. At times when you feel like you can't move anymore, HE will carry you through it all. And when you don't know where to go, HE will direct your steps. Will be thanking God daily for the healing, joy and peace. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hugs...Aunty J

Oliver Yeow said...

Dear Cyn mummy,
Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day...big big hug to you, jase and little charmaine....jia you jia you and jia you!
All the best best wishes from us!

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