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Monday, May 3, 2010

Taken a few weeks back, our little princess walked back home with jase korkor.Automatically, they locked themselves together. The bond between the two, loves and breaks one's heart. Love, for Jase selfless love to Charmaine, attending to Charmaine every demanding request. Love, for Charmaine to Jase, smiling and enjoying every single moment with her korkor. Heartbroken, for I had not learned such act of selflessness to my very own siblings.

Days when you thought, you had made the wrong decision, to bring Jase to New York, to bring Charmaine to go through the pain any kids shouldnt need, you are totally wrong. New York, has been a tremendous learning experience for Jase. Despite the criticisms from people of Land of Heartless, U gave them all you had, all you should, and all you could.

Dont cry after reading this post, my silly babe.
We are all proud of u!

Babe, Happy Mother's Day to you. Have faith, and your wish, will come true.
Muackz muackz!

For now, relax in the cab, though I know you cant.
Cyn @ 1045pm: Fever and rushing to KK now. She was very lethargic whole day which is very worrying. Just tired and no energy. But now that we are in taxi, she's talking non stop! Thank god the talking non stop girl of mine is back.

Love, Char


The Second Hippie said...

I teared when i read this. A mother's love is truly the greatest.

bikermice said...

Love this picture, so heartwarming :)

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