Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

We had a mini celebration after Charmaine was discharged this morning.

The kids taught us how to play Monopoly Junior. They were really good at counting and remembering most of the rules.

Next, it was time for lots of photo-taking of the cake...

and with the 3 mommies and the cake...

and smooching the animals...

Special shout out to Ko Chen and Kellie!

Ko Chen,
Thank you for your kind thoughts of ordering a cake for Cyn mommy for Mother's Day and coordinating with Kellie. Really appreciate how human angels could exist on earth.

Thank you for your wonderful cake which received lots of compliments and bewilderment of your craft and skills. We spent so much time takng photos of the cake and not bearing to cut it. The animals and dolls holding the words saying "We <3Mummy" are just too cute!

Hope the both of you enjoyed Mother's Day as well.

We went to view Kellie's blog [http://aimummy.blogspot.com/] when Ko Chen first emailed us and we were really thrilled by the 3D cakes!

3 nights before Mother's Day, cyn mommy was asking Jase and Charmaine what kinda cake they would like mommy to have as a nice aunty was gonna design it accordingly.

Jase's reply:
I like a strawberry house for mummy. Then must have many animals to say "Happy Birthday".
[Haha... This is despite telling them that it's for mother's day, not mummy's bday. Lolz]

Charmaine's reply:
I like to have 2 Barbie dolls. One green one pink [I forgot is it one green one pink or one yellow one pink] and with cake all around.
[LoLz... cyn and I suspect she was dreaming of her OWN bday cake the previous 2 years.]

With the 2 kids' input, Kellie conjured up a cake almost true to their words -- a strawberry house with animals "talking" and the dolls representing Barbie.

We almost could not make it for our mother's day dinner later in the evening coz the kids were sticking to Godpa kh like this...

and lil char char showed how brave she was by downing the unpleasant medicine.

That's how the Lim family spent their mother's day-- Sitting down as a family, having a meal at home and eating cake. I do hope you enjoyed spending time with your mothers and for the mothers, I hope you had an enjoyable day with your kids.

Here's wishing a very happy mother's day to all the great mommies out there!



J.H said...

wow, what a celebration!
Happy mothers day to you all.

Ms. Potatoe said...

Happy Mothers' Day Cyn! I celebrated it with Grandma and all the aunties... plus mum. Your cake looks amazing...!!! I wouldn't bear to eat it too! Too cute! XOXO

Colleen said...

Frankly, it's not good for us readers who are supporting through prayers requests and others, that there are no posts days in a row... most who follow your blog are genuinely concerned and it's just not nice to make us wonder if all's well with Charmaine.

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