Cycle #6 (Cycle #11) Completed and home again!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just a really quick entry here!

We have completed our chemo on saturday and was discharged.
Home now to enjoy our time away from hospital.

July is a special month for us. Its Charmaine's birthday month. She will be turning 5 soon and I cant be any happier. (We are secretly counting down the days to July!)

The plan now is to stay fever free, infection free and basically just HEALTHY all the way! Did I mention all the way until she celebrates her 100th birthday? Oh well, guess I cant be that greedy! :-)

Our next chemo is due just after her birthday celebration on 5th July.

And we will be repeating all the scans and bone marrow biopsies in the week of 19th July. SCANXIETY but I am NOT thinking about them for now. The scan results will tell us our next course of plans and most slightly, if all goes well, we are set to head back for more treatment in NYC very soon. I am not the most enthusiatic as usual (leaving family and close friends behind) but heading back also means we are heading towards the right direction - the path to recovery.

Will update soon again but my computer has totally died on me this time so updates may not be as frequent until I figure out how to fix it... This July is like last year! Crazy busy with all the travel arrangements and scanxiety and something extra this year - Primary One Registration. Oh gosh, is the registration supposed to be fun? Frankly to me, I thought HOW TOUGH can it be compared to waiting for scan results. So cyn mommy, chill!We will sort that out eventually, the only issue is whether school is just next door or a few junctions away! Either way, he will get a school. I guess my only indulgence is hopefully we will get a compassionate school that will understand our family situation. So when its Charmaine's turn to start Primary One, she will have hopefully less trouble adapting.

Alright, I have to get going. Still tons to be done! May everyone be blessed with a great week ahead. Happiness begins from within us! :-) (Its difficult I know, I am still learning the art too!)

OH OH OH! Did I mention that July/Aug was also the time she NED last year! The best birthday gift for us would be to hear her NED results from her scans! Please continue to keep those prayers coming in! THANK YOU ALL.

Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Cast your worries on the Lord, for nothing is too big for Him to handle! Praise God for His wonderful work on lil' charmaine! Continue to pray and focus on the Lord, His way is above all ways! Jia You!!

stacey said...

It took me quite a while to really understand the extraordinary healing power of love and prayers. Most religious teaching talks about "going to the light" and not holding on to the darkness. So we do have a choice. We need to let go of those feelings/thoughts that don't serve us or our loved ones. We are of no value to anyone who has our negative attention. Disease and problems are the soul’s invitation to transform life. Raymond Moody, a psychologist and medical doctor, he is most famous as an author of books about life after death and near-death experiences (NDE) talks about his research in this wonderful video Life After Life. I hope the stories you are about to hear inspires you and motivates you. It's all about love. Blessings.

2amYH said...

Pray NED result for charmine;
Pray NED result for charmine;
Pray a compassionate school for Jase
Pray a compasuonate school for Jase
Pray everyday a happyday for mother Cynthia
Pray everyday a happyday for mother Cynthia
while ( loop always true)

//comment: hope u like the little program written for you. ;)

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