We need prayers... Swollen knee and pain...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I don't know how to start this entry...

We had a really great time over the weekend playing with all their favourite jie jie and kor kor; everyone came!

But charmaine started with a slight limp on Friday and progressed to a full blown swell and pain...

Admitted yesterday night... Her pain always gets much worse in the middle of the night. Both sat and sun nights were bad, especially Sunday. She literally sobbed for more than 3hrs...

But she is doing better now... Chemo is delayed as a result.

The ultrasound scan turned up nothing. The doctors suspect that it could be due to a fall last Monday when she was playing with Jase. The trauma or injury probably gotten worse as she has not stopped moving since discharge. Dr Aung jokes that Charmaine doesn't do normal activities but high energy level ones. Yeah, she cycles everyday and even with a limp, she wouldn't admit the pain to me. I asked every 5 min because I was so paranoid and concerned but she kept denying the whole friday and Saturday. Only at evening of sat, when we completed all our activities did she suddenly asked to be carried as her knee was painful. And it was only than she confessed that she was actually having a little bit of pain since Friday.

This is Charmaine. I don't know if it's a blessing or what but she sure has an amazing tolerance for pain. Her threshold is so unbelievable that she wouldn't cringe until it gets seriously bad.

And that's why I suspect that the reason why her pain always seems to get so much worse or unbearable in the middle of the night... Because her subconscious is too tired and she has forgotten to tolerate the pain...

Now, no treatment... We are just waiting to see how it goes tomorrow. She says she can feel a slight pain but she is definitely not complaining at all! Hence, unless you ask, you would never know if she is in pain.

Please continue to keep charmaine in your prayers. Dear god, please let this be an injury from a simple fall and that she is already recovering. Please let her have a restful sleep tonight with no pain but sweet dreams.

I just want to end by saying that Charmaine has grown to become my 17.4kg bundle of joy!!! It's the first time she crossed 17kg!!!

Hoping that everyone is doing good. Take care.

cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Wat a brave ger!! Charmaine, jia you! You are always in my thoughts and prayers. And i know God is in control of everything. So, continue to be your mummy's bunny ger becos seeing you hopping and jumping will make her the happiest mummy in this world. So jia you lil' warrior!

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