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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi all,

Charmaine complained of eye pain on her left eye corner on tuesday night. My heart probably sank all the way down and I felt like I could barely breathe properly. Just one word of pain from
Charmaine will send me hyperventilating and grasping for air every single time. And with each additional time you hear it, the more paranoid you get...

So anyway, wednesday morning came and she said she could feel the pain but she can control it. I emailed Dr Aung and she called me in the afternoon. Said to observe and call her if it gets any worse. By abt 4pm, her left eye doesn't hurt but her right eye does!

I freaked. I wasn't going to take this travelling pain slightly. I called back KKH operator but she said she couldn't reach Dr Aung. I decided to go down anyway. Will not have any peace of mind if I didn't.

Dr Aung checked her and said she suspected it might be allergy or some dust. Got some naturale tears, went home. Within reaching home an hour, I felt her forehead burning. Told Charmaine to check her temp. She checked and saw 38. Burst out crying loudly that she didn't want to go hospital. Sigh... I know it would upset her greatly. We just got back on sat afternoon and she barely recovered from her chemo. I told her to sleep it off and strangely, the temp dropped immediately.

I checked her hourly and temp started to climb about 9pm. I prepared her for admission. She was still very lethargic and tired. I didn't feel good. She said to rest a little bit more and she would go. But it was evident that she couldn't even rest comfortably. Finally she agreed that it was time to go. We reached KKH abt 1am.

It was almost a rare sight to see such a quiet A&E but I'm glad. It meant that kids are at home sleeping, where they should be.

Fever dropped below 38 once we started first dose of iv fortum but it refused to touch base! It was hovering abt 37.5 to 37.8 and it sucked! So here we are, with zero immunity... Unexpected as this chemo shouldn't drop her counts. But not surprised as she is defin having some sort of infection that her body is fighting...

We are still waiting for her blood test results to come back. Please pray for boring results - negative! and that her temp will finally touch base of 36.9! The rounding doc this week is someone that is trained to keep a patient in for 5 days of antibiotics even when the blood cultures are negative, so it looks like we will be discharged earliest Monday. That will give us abt 4 days to prepare for her birthday and than we will readmit again on Monday 5th July for chemo.

Just a few days ago, I was looking to resting at home as I'm rather ill myself... But in we come again! Oh well, it's still rest nonetheless! I'm just so stressed abt my throat! Loading myself with antibiotics and mask 24/7!

Please pray that this fever goes off completely and that Charmaine will be chatty and feisty again! Thank you so much for checking in on us.
May the bug/virus steer clear of us all!

cyn mommy


J.H said...

hold on there Cynthia, I know the Lord has a great plan for your little princess. We'll remember you in prayer.

The Peanut Momster said...

You're such a wonderful mother. God will bless you a hundred fold.

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