Relief! Chemo starting today

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello from Ward 76,

We are in the playroom now, Charmaine is watching some videos on Youtube while I am on another computer updating as we wait for her chemo drugs to arrive.

Her pain has reduced considerably. She was able to sleep through the night! I asked if she felt any pain last night. She said yes but it was very little and hence she could control it.

The swelling on her knee has also visibly gone down, THANKFULLY.

So our doctors cleared us and we are ready to go for the next chemo. Cycle #11! Praying that the chemo will do its work and KILL all the cancer cells, if any, still lurking in her body. Otherwise, let her be already completely healed on our mother earth! :-)

Surprise, Jase just dropped us a surprise visit with Gong Gong and breakfast! So yeah, gotta go give my big boy a hug!

Love you all,
Cyn mommy


yaya said...

Hope brave girl Charmaine has a smooth chemo treatment...jiayou! :)

Anonymous said...

hello mommy,

been wanting to say hello but didn't have the chance AND THEN i had the chance!

my daughter was warded 2 rooms away from you at ward 46 about 2 weeks ago! she was having hand foot mouth disease so i didn't dare go near all of you. we met the recept area when you were asking for paracetamol and i was asking for lunch ha ha ha...i so much want to shake your hand kekeke

i've been following your blog so it was really such a pleasure to see charmaine, jase n you tho in a distance.

just want to say you are always in my family's prayer.

all the best!

.:: Nanny Joy::. said...

Hi Cyn Mummy,

I've been following your blog and reading the updates for Charmaine.

My heart gets lifted everytime I see good news and sinks with you each time I see not so good ones.

Just want to let u know that, I will always remember Charmaine and u in my prayers.

Feisty Charmaine, jiayou!


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