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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a quick update...

Charmaine and I were discharged yesterday late at night (Monday), and is converted to Oral antibiotics for 6 weeks.

The one day discharge is to give Charmaine a break from hospital and an important day for me to run all my errands, especially Pri 1 registration for Jase.

Charmaine's right knee is definitely much better, her swelling has gone down but not totally normal yet. Initially Dr A wanted Charmaine to keep her cast on for another 2 weeks but after discussing with Dr Aung, Charmaine is allowed to remove her cast for short periods each day.

Charmaine is very happy to be home with Jase. I am constantly reminding her that we have to readmit on Wednesday but she seems to be taking the news very well. (I almost suspect if it actually registered in her head or not. We shall see!) In the meantime, Charmaine has not started walking yet because some of the doctors seemed more keen to keep her immobilised for a longer period.

Anyway, the plan is that we will readmit tomorrow morning (Wednesday) for another round of chemo while we await news from MSKCC.

Please pray for Charmaine to go through her next round of chemo (#13 cycle) smoothly and safely. And more importantly, please pray that her immunity will be able to take another hit from the chemo drugs and will remain strong or bounce back quick, so that she doesnt get any other sort of whatever infections or fever. Please also pray that we will be blessed with a doctor who can actually diagnose Charmaine's knee problem more conclusively so that we can have a treatment that will target the problem directly, rather than just broad coverage. Please also pray that Charmaine's pain will subside entirely.

Charmaine loves fireworks and we never missed any fireworks before Charmaine was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. However, it has been more than one and a half years since she last saw fireworks. Last Saturday, we heard the sound of fireworks from KKH Ward 75 but couldnt see anything and she got a little disappointed.

So, I am writing here, hoping that maybe one of you kind souls here can do some special arrangements and actually allow Charmaine along with a few of her other fellow warrior friends to be able to see the National Day Parade away from the crowds and yet still be mesmerized by the fireworks they all love.

We will be admitted for a 5 days chemo ending Sunday, and I am trying to figure out if there's anything I can do to make Charmaine's wish of seeing fireworks be a reality. Because of Charmaine's knee, she is rather immobile and I do not feel comfortable juggling with crowds... so if anyone of you out here has a better suggestion for us, PLEASE WRITE TO ME. I would be very grateful.

In New York , Ronald MacDonald House is able to get companies to allow all the cancer kids to literally view all the parades and shows and countdowns right besides the events in the offices, while away from crowds and germs... However, in Singapore, kids here doesnt seem to have this luxury...

I'm taking the liberty here to ask and hopefully, this year, Charmaine and her fellow warrior friends will get lucky...


Best Regards,
Cyn mommy


betsy said...

you may bring her to marina barrage for the view of fireworks. I happened to be at marina barrage during one of the ndp rehearsal and able to see the firework. hope this helps. ((:

stacey said...

Perhaps KK Children Cancer Foundation can offer you solution. I pray that all will work out for you and Char :) God bless!

Zachary said...

hi, i stay on the 22nd storey. Can view 80% of fireworks from my balcony if you don;t mind..)My apartment is directly facing the IR , and Singapore flyer

Zachary said...

hi cynthia, you can contact me at or get me at 93800221.My husband n me would like to grant Charmaine's wish

Lilin here
warmest regards

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