On Char Operation

Friday, December 3, 2010

On Dec 2 2010 9:42pm SG Time:
Char is ok now but it was so painful to watch. Now they want me to go back for high dose. Tell me to decide. I'm so torn.

Thanks for all the messages on Charmaine's operation. it went well, though like Cyn mentioned, always heartbroken to see your own child suffering all these.

The trio will be back in Singapore soon as the treatment in US has ended. The monster might have won this round, but we are all pressing on our faith that, Charmaine will surely win this war.

Some of you have received notification on their returning, and for the rest, we will inform you once they are well-rested from the traveling. Cyn is now sick, and has to prepare for home, hence she might not be able to response fast for those who care.

On the other note, the kids are real excited to be back. Nothing beats @ home =) Charmaine has been whining that she misses Singapore much, her granny, grandpa, and uncle. I am sure she does miss me and godma, though she always says no. ;) Being the man in the family, jase jase is so cool about returning, even when he has spread his wide network of friends around the community.

Welcome back Cyn! ^^

Love, Charlene


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