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Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank you to a special mommy who gave me the best comfort today.

The scan results are dismay.

I am wishing for a freak accident to happen to me so I can not feel hurt anymore...

Thanks to your words, you have steered me back onto the right path, the path to continue the fight, because Char isn't giving up, what right do I have to?

Doctors are simply amazed that despite what they are seeing in the scans, Char is doing so well, not even displaying any symptoms of breathlessness, coughing or discomfort in chest...

She is simply amazing that way... My princess, my strength, my guiding light...

But still, everything sucks! I wish I could make all these pain go away and just let my child be a normal 6 year old...

This is so unfair!!!


Marguerite said...

This is life , and it's been very hard on Charmaine , Jase and you.But you have to soldier on, Charmaine is not giving up , take every blessed day one at a time... I m sure every mommy reading this blog can understand your pain and you are always in our prayers..

stacey said...

Hi Cyn, just want to let you know A Book of Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel is out. If you can't get a copy from your local book store, you can order online. I hope this book will inspire and uplift you. It contains the answers for life.


I hope this video gives you the answers you have been looking for. The lady in the video was born in Singapore but migrated to HK when she was 2.



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