A quick update

Monday, September 19, 2011

A quick update for those who have been asking about Char today...

Lung bleeding is caused by tumour growing there. Will have to clear the blood every now and then. Intubated and heavily sedated. Char is in discomfort. She is conscious but would drift off to sleep every now and then. She seems to be better towards the end of the day. She can't talk so she had to sign and could even "ask" for the smurfette happy meal toy that Jase kor kor bought for her and tried to comb the smurf's hair with her eyes half closed and all the tubes everywhere. She could even do a peace sign albeit with effort.

PS: I've since handed this blog over to cyn mommy to manage. Whenever necessary, I would try to update the FB page at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741817783#!/group.php?gid=53217919641.

Please bear with us if at times you don't get any updates from us.

- Godma Jolene


3some Mum said...

Cyn, Jolene

I stand with you proud mums alingside your baby. Char deserves the right to live, this is not to be determined by some expert doctors! Fight on and be at peace.

One of the many silent readers - praying with you against the odds.

Pink Lotus said...

Dear Charmaine,

We are all praying. Do not give up. Concentrate on wanting to get well and you will get well.

I have got a good Guanyin qian for you. And I have confidence that it will come true. The qians I have got so far are all super accurate.

Lot 89

Translated from Origin
Your plan, your schemes so smoothly carried out: Like jade of rarest kind concealed in stone. A man of wealth and power will offer you his aid - The treasure and jewels are yours to keep.
As jade is hidden in a stone, Wealth and fortune gradually grow. A notable patron will lead the way for you: You are happy and have no more to say.

One is well within and without. A valuable jade in the rock. A benefactor points the way to obtain it. Everyone rejoices at your good fortune.

Just as the scene describes jewels hidden under a stone. So, you should be satisfied with the fortune in store for you.

A Benefactor points out how to achieve it. Head him. To achieve the possession of the jade will surely gladden one's heart.


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