Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just another quick update from Cyn mommy.

We are still in ICU. Char is stable. Still on ventilator but we are reducing the support which means that Char is breathing more on her own.

We are still draining blood out from the lung tube and at a reduced volume.

Because of the bleeding issue, we are NEEDING blood and platelet transfusion now more then ever. The platelets are our biggest gift now to try to reduce and stop her bleeding. We are keeping her levels at very high, above 100k which pretty much means that she's needing transfusions every day. Your blood is quite literally saving lives and keeping her alive.

Char is O+. So PLEASE DONATE if possible.

Once again, just like to briefly give the details of where. Platelets donation can only be done at HSA (which is at SGG). You need to specify that you wish to donate platelets. It has a more stringent criteria and it takes a longer time to complete the donation. 45-60mins. As for blood donation, it can done at any of their mobile recruitment drives setup.

And there is no direct donation allowed. HOWEVER, when you go down to make a donation, PLEASE MENTION THAT YOU ARE THERE FOR CHARMAINE.

A friend who recently went down to make a donation came to ICU yesterday and told me that he heard from the HSA folks that many of you have gone down for Charmaine. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I cannot say enough thank you to all of you. You are literally the reason why she is alive and still breathing. She is still able to fight because of your precious gift to her.

I know some might not understand where I am heading towards with all these. Without the transfusions, her life will simply fade off in a matter of days maybe. But I've always been clear on where I stand since day 1. That every one smile, that every one wave of the hand, that every peace sign she puts up, every kiss she tries to plant on my face with that breathing tube IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR. She is fighting harder then anyone, and I have no right to end her fight prematurely with some 'rational medical reasons of mine or anyone'. Dr Aung puts it down the best when I relate to her about some of the painful words the doctor in ICU said the moment we stepped in "Prepare yourself. She can D** anytime" Not once but 3 times. She made it through the weekend! Dr Aung's words "They have not met and known her yet!"

Indeed. I couldn't help but feel such pride and strength. I don't need to convince anyone who met my princess that WHY I NEED TO FIGHT. Because you only need to know her for a minute and you will never doubt even for a second in your life that Char only has one plan and that is TO FIGHT and LIVE.

Please pray, pray and PRAY. PLEASE ONLY PRAY for healing, recovery, a cure, wellness, pain free, good health, strength, a miraculous disappearance of cancer and nothing else but abundance of life for my baby. That is the ONLY ONE THING SHE WANTS. TO LIVE.

Btw, just gotta mention, thank you Pink Lotus, you made my day. :-)

Lastly, we are all hanging in there! Keep the donations coming in. It's never too much with so many other kids out here who needs them as much as Charmaine. Even if you are not O+, you can still go down and make the donation. There are many children or even adults who doesn't have a blog to ask for help like Char. So thank you on behalf of all the kids here who is going to benefit from your donation.

Char is obviously not happy with a breathing tube, unable to talk and unable to even cry out in pain BUT as always, she is asking when we can get the tube out and when we can go home. Every minute of her life is one full of HOPE regardless of her situation, regardless of all the various tubes in her body causing her much pain on top of cancer pain, and simply regardless of whatever is said.

And all I'm doing is taking her cue! I follow her lead. Every nanosecond is HOPEFUL. I will never give up regardless of who others say. Life is all about HOPE and no one else can take that away from us. Even in pain, we hold on to hope that the next second will be a smile.

Char always ends it with 2 words: "LOVE YOUUUU!!!"
[Between you and me, here's the secret - I always can't help but think that my 6 year old warrior is such a great strategist! Her 2 simple words will hit every doctor and nurse so hard I can see it in their eyes. It's my girl's way of warning the doctors and nurses "I'm not giving up so better dont give up on me prematurely!"

Way to go honey!!!

PS: One last thing. I have no doubt that Char's will is what that is keeping everything at bay. So if you plan on visiting, please only bring positive thoughts and smiles!!! I know it's hard to keep the tears at bay seeing her all hooked up like that. But please try! I want for her to have NO FEAR at all! HAPPY THOUGHTS and POSITIVE ENERGY! :-)

Cyn mommy


Seowling said...

Dear Cyn Mommy,

I follow your journey and I am so glad to hear that Char's condition has stabilized. I am not a religious person, but I find myself praying fervently to whatever higher powers out there to watch over Charmaine and helped her triumph against all odds. If anyone deserves a break, it has got to be you and brave little Charmaine. She is most awe-inspiring, and so are you in the love and faith you have to walk with her every step of the way. Both of you are blessed to have each other and I believe Charmaine draws her strength from the uncompromising love you have for her. So stay strong, and I pray that you will turn the corner soon.

jdi said...

Cyn, where do u donate blood and platelets if you are out of local area or how do u specify who are donating to?

Your respectful friend,

Keith Hopson.

jdi said...

Cyn, how do you donate who are out of the local area? Or, how do you donate to a specified reason/cause to where you are giving blood/platelets?

Your respectful friend,

Keith Hopson {{{hugs}}}

puppy lust said...

I uttered some Christian prayers for your princess.

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