Jase First Day

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jase called me immediately after school today.
"Mom, good news!"

I replied: "Great, but what's the good news?"

He went on to scream "I finally got my wish!!!"

I went on "And whats that my dear?"

He yelled: "I'm in the red group! Same as Fion!!!"

I laughed so hard. "Oh, the girlfriend."

Repeated the same story to my friend who said "At least he didn't say it's Eric!"

That certainly put things to perspective. Lol. Indeed, there are worse things than my son being 'in love with a girl'!

Yeah! Being in the same group as his girl made my son's day.

Char char, are you smiling like momma too? I love you!!!


Mama Joan said...

Haha... Ohhhh isnt he sweet n innocent?!

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