Last Day of the Year of Rabbit

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today is Chinese New Year Eve.
Today is the last day of the year of Rabbit in the chinese zodiac calendar.
Today is the day where families come together to have their reunion dinner, sit around the table, have steamboat and have fun.
Today, we will be visiting you at the temple to have our reunion dinner.

Today, Jase is extremely excited. He cant wait to have his "Lao Hei" and the crackers on the "Yu Sheng".
Today, our home is beautifully decorated with dragon decors, flowers and many other red stuff.
Today, we will all celebrate one of your favourite holidays.

We have managed to do everything without you.
Theoretically, it's everyone who has managed to put together a Chinese New Year mood in our home like we have always done. Since mommy was very young.

Yup, everyone except me. What was I doing the whole time? I mull in my room, sit on my bed, read up on the 4 kids that we have lost to neuroblastoma in the last 7 days. I watched a couple of movies and pretty much did nothing constructive. The closest 'productive' thing I did was to present myself at wherever whenever necessary. I sit at the dining table when it's time to eat and I happily finish the yummy food, wondering what would you be saying beside me right now.

Gu Gu kept nagging at me to pack. I ignored him totally. I hate it when he does that to me. He doesn't understand that it's not that I don't want to pack. My heart and my brain doesn't work on equal frequency. Or maybe, I indeed DON'T want to pack. I refuse to remove anything that has you in it. I don't even want them to be 'out of sight' to me. I am not capable of walking near anything that has something to do with you and not break down. I can't bring myself to consciously look through your pictures or videos but I love to have you there like they always have been. I don't even want to change the sheet that you have slept on.

Chinese New Year would probably have been a little more pleasant if I didn't have to put your stuff aside.

Jase Kor Kor is mommy's saviour. He started packing our room yesterday and he did a pretty darn good job. I feel so ashamed of myself that I need my young son to be the little adult and yet I am so proud of him.

While I was hiding in my room, stubbornly refusing to pack, everyone has managed to tuck most of my stuff away. I woke up to a home without a lot of my junk. The place looks neater and nicer but it also highlights the new year mood even more to me.

I remember you hopping with your painful right leg last year, getting all excited with CNY. You were on the new trial drug Avastin and it gave you a terrible headache but you never let any of those affect your resolve to have fun and celebrate CNY with everyone. You were so strong, so amazing. When we rolled out our carpet for CNY, I remember vividly how you rolled your body around it... Simply having fun. The carpet is yet to be rolled out today... And I don't know what kind of effect it will have on me.

I am doing such a lousy job baby. How were you able to be so strong despite all the pain and discomfort that your body is suffering from? How on earth do you even manage to laugh and smile through all the pain and headaches? How can a 5 year old little girl be as amazing as you are?

And all that I can freaking do daily is to CRY. When I have no headache, no leg pain, no vomiting, no nausea. But I only can cry. This is starkly different from the Cyn mommy everyone thought of me as.

I am trying though. If given a choice, I would have preferred to be hiding somewhere, away from all these celebrations. But Jase loves CNY the way that you love. The way that mommy used to love. He is happy and he is enjoying himself.

Jase is my everything now. I am hanging in there for him. I am going to go through all the motions because he loves CNY and he doesn't deserve to be deprived of anything anymore.

Maybe next year, I will do a better job. Maybe next year, I will learn to enjoy CNY once more. Learn to truly make every moment in my life count. Learn to face life bravely no matter what it has thrown into my path. Just like you.

I have to remember how you never allowed any of life's unfairness affect you in any way. You never did, my amazing little princess.

I love you princess. I love you so much but you love me more. Because you left me so many gifts through your own sufferings.
I promise I will live everyday of my life honoring you. And I will never stop trying... Until I am able to face life bravely, just like you.

See you later princess!

Love you!!!

Cyn mommy


KK said...

Dear cynthia

I hope that the new year brings you peace and that your days and nights get easier.

Mama Joan said...

Happy new year cyn.. Happy new year jase.. Happy new year lil char...

2amYH said...

Dun worry, you will definitely do it better next year. And dun blame yourself for not doing anything this year, you have already done what is needed...."to be there with Jase". Take care and we shall see the better of you in this Dragon year. 龙年快乐!

mamabumperbee said...

Dear Cyn,
never once did i not cry when i read your post. i would like to think lil Char is enjoying herself during this festive season too.Happy CNY and be strong for the living ones..

mamabumperbee said...

Dear Cyn,
never once did i not cry when i read your post. i would like to think lil Char is enjoying herself during this festive season too.Happy CNY and be strong for the living ones..

mamabumperbee said...

Dear Cyn,

Never once did i not cry when i read your post. i would like to think that lil Char is enjoying herself too during this festive season. Happy CNY and be strong for the living ones...

Mama Joan said...

Hi lil' char, another 2 days more will b the 100th day u left... He r u doing up there? I know u r happy in heavens where there is no pain but only happiness.. I miss u lil' char...

Clarie Lim said...

Hi Cyn mommy, think you have already done very well.

All of us believe that you can and will slowly but surely walk out of the pain pit courageously.

It is such a joy and warmth to have little Jase by your side right now. Cherish each and every moments with him before time ticks away.

There is time for everything. A time to moan, a time to cry, a time to cherish, a time to smile, a time to laugh, a time to enjoy and much much more...

May 2012 be another milestone of yet a fuller life ahead. All the best and wishing you courage, strength and wisdom in each of the steps you take.

Rallying behing you...

Clarie Lim

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