Bone Marrow Biopsy Postponed

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The bone marrow biopsy which was initially scheduled to be on Tuesday has been postponed to Wednesday due to the swine flu.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jolene, this is Tong again, sincerely hope everything gonna be fine oh! Allow me to add some Chinese words here....... Do bring Charmaine to see a Chinese Physician too as Eastern medicine can help in 调养 Charmaine's 身子 oh! :)

Jolene said...

Hi Tong,

As mentioned in my comment in the other post, cyn did seek help in eastern healing during the intial phase of Charmaine's condition.

Do you know of any Eastern healing that concentrates more on other forms of tiao2 the body other than diet and consuming medicine?

Charmaine remains determined in deciding what she puts in her mouth. She doesn't take to the taste of the Chinese medicine and the diet recommended.

I was thinking if there are herbs to be rubbed on the body to be absorbed, acupuncture (but she may be scared by the needles even tho it's painless), medication that does not involve consumption etc, it would be good.

Do let us know if you have some recommendations.

Thanx in advance.


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