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Friday, October 30, 2009

To our concerned readers and to all who care,

Today's the date of the HAMA test results (NY date)... Can't sleep. Tried calling NY but there was no answer.

Cynthia, Charmaine and Jase have been fine the past few days. Their internet's down so there was minimal correspondence. Everything's down... lift's down... spirits were a little down but Cynthia assured that all's still ok.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for negative HAMA.



Chris said...

Yes we are all praying very very hard that no Hama for Charmaine.
Please let us as soon as the result is out. Charmaine is a strong she is going to be ok

2am said...

You should sleep at 4am. It is going to be a long day today. Will pray hard for negative Hama result!!!!! Will pray hard for Charmine to fight monster. I believed the monster is shrinking now. Take care and sleep well.

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