We completed 14 doses of Accutane! Round 1 down! :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009


My little princess Char just swallowed her 14th dose of Accutane with ease and delight!
YAY! I'm just so glad that we have completed the 14 doses of Accutane!

She woke up this morning with a terrible nose bleed, blood on her pyjamas, pillowcase, bed sheet... I got a shock. Got her to sneeze out her mucus and it was just blood and more blood.

I contemplated calling the hospital but decided it was pointless. It was a Sunday and there are only fellows around at the Urgent Care. I was already taught that nose bleed was one of the common side effects due to the dryness and we have already completed 12 doses out of the prescribed 14... I have faith that Charmaine would finish unscattered. After all, she even enjoyed the taste which I was told that it would be an uphill task getting some kids to even put it into their mouth!

THANK YOU for the prayers. It must have helped. I am very certain all your prayers have brought us this far! Please keep it coming. Because of your prayers, Charmaine has completed 2 rounds of 3f8, radiation and her first cycle of Accutane!!!

Her nose bleed finally stopped an hour later and I gave her the Accutane as prescribed. I told her to drink lots and lots of water to prevent the bleeding again and she smartly obliged.

Couldnt help contain my excitement even though its just a 'mere' completion of 14 doses of Accutane. Its simply another milestone for me and the feisty team. :-)

Silly I know, but I just want to share with you this joy I am feeling right now!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that there will be NO MORE nose bleeding!

Now that Accutane is completed, in the next few days, if her HAMA results turn out normal (which means NO HAMA), than Charmaine will start her GM-CSF injection (which I personally feel is as daunting as the 3f8 itself - irritation on her insaflon area, pain, redness, itch and swell)on wednesday and she will receive her 3rd round of 3f8 next week!!!

Gosh... its already the 3rd round... Time flies!

In the mean time, please keep those prayers coming for NO HAMA!!!

THANK YOU everyone!

We appreciate it sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts.

Cyn mommy, Jase and Char!


JulietJas said...

Praise God! Yep we will be praying for Char!

Big Hugs...Aunty J

phoenixbabe said...

Yes yes yes! Keep that faith! :)

Auntie Whee Whee

peaceloveandpink said...

I really hope she gets better, I know it must be really tough for her.

cyn said...

Hello Cynthia, Jase and Charmaine,

It's really heartening to know that Charmaine's progressing really well with the treatment despite its side effects. I guess with every type of medication, be it just a simple cold tablet, there are bound to be side effects. Some people have them better, others don't.

So many events have happened lately that I've just learnt that everything happens for a reason. As a Christian, I know that everything has been planned out by God and He will guide us through it no matter how tough it gets. I've also learnt that we don't realy have to care too much about what other people say, so long as we know we are doing the right thing and the reason behind it. Everyone has a different agenda and based on our individual life experiences, we also have different expectations.

Cyn, I can understand why you asked Dr K those qns. I would too even if I know it would sound silly. Getting it off your chest is better than bottling it inside.

Enough said, I'm just so glad that Charmaine's right on track and I'm really proud of her! Just want to let you know that the three of you will always be in my prayers.

yaya said...

We will continue praying for Charmaine, NO HAMA...& getting healthier day after day :)

Cyn mummy, guess what...I can really felt how brave is Charmaine after my gal (turning 3 soon) fell down in the playground yesterday.

Her knees were bleeded & she was pretty calm the moment when she fell down, no crying....but when we got home & clean the wounds for her, she started to cry very loudly. As she never experienced this before coz this is her 1st fell with bleeding knees, she felt the pain, cried & refused to take shower & dare not move at all.

While she was crying, I dun know why but suddenly thought of little Charmaine...In the bottom of my heart, I really felt that Charmaine is a real brave gal despite of going through so much pain & still continue fighting with high spirit!

It was also a chanlleging task when I tried to comfort my gal coz I know is going to be painful when I clean the wounds but I have to keep telling her that it's going to be alright.

Cyn mummy, you are really a great mum & I think there are lots of things that we can learn from you!

Will continue keep you & family in our prayer. Jiayou!!! :)

Chris said...

Hi Cyn

It great to know Charmaine is doing well with all her tests and treatments, will continue to pray for her.

ApPle5 said...

That is awesome, Charmaine is being so brave and guai! Keep up the good work Cyn Mommy, we're all hoping for the best, NO HAMA!!!

Mama Joan said...

Dun worry, God is watching over Charmaine. And yes, i believe there will be NO HAMA. Have faith!

Charmaine, you are the most brave lil' ger Auntie had ever seen. In fact, i found myself learning lots of things from you. The way you fight the monster, the way you took all the bitter medicines and tolerate the pains, the way you smile thru it all and most of all, the way you love life. God is watching over you and He will help you to win this battle. Jia You!

Ken Ang said...

Hello Cyn, Jase and Char,

Its been some time since i pop into the blog. Are there some issue on the blog a month ago where i totally couldn't get to see any post...

Time flies pretty fast... i'm so glad tat things have gone pretty gd so far for Char. Don worry too much Cyn, we all have faith and Char will be fine. I'm so glad to see Char's hair growing and esp miss her beautiful smile...

Char prove it to us all the times... and i'm reli proud of Char. She is a courageous little girl where nothing can stop her on the road to recover and will lead a normal life like everyone of us...

Please do update us when you have time. Lastly, do take care of yourself.


MANDUH said...

Jia you! Your prayers are not gone unheard. The moments where Char and Jase have such fun together is proof of how well a mother you are, Cyn. You're a great mum, an example of how noble mothers are.

God Bless you & your lovely kids!

Amanda (Singapore)

Smeanies said...

Keep it up! Jia you, charmaine!!

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