A miraculous Day 1 of 3f8 for us at MSKCC... so thankful

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi everyone,

I am just going to write a very short update.

We just came back from the hospital after completing Day 1 of 3f8 (3rd cycle).
Both the kiddos are now sound asleep...

Its a long day as compared to our usual discharge around 2pm. Nonetheless, Day One(1)s are always much longer because all the kids have to do a CBC (finger prick/stick) to check the blood counts and neutrophils. Also we have to be seen by a Nurse Practitioner who will certify if the kid is good to go ahead to receive the treatment for that week.

Today, we were pretty much the last one to receive the 3f8 infusion... started about 1.30pm. Jase was really tired and sleepy. Thankfully, Iris arranged to come by almost every monday knowing its the toughest. (Thank you Iris! Really appreciate your help and very grateful)

To keep the long story short, Char did wonderful today!!!
Of course, she didnt escape totally unscathed... BUT I consider today a miraculous Day 1!!! Our little feisty princess slept through almost the entire infusion except for the last 10ml (which was probably the last 5mins) where she woke up crying in pain. They had to give her 2 rescue of pain relief med - Dilaudid (which was 1 less than the maximum dosage she had received). She fell asleep after the 2nd rescue was given and slept throughout the flush of another 20mins.

Despite the pain she experienced today, I am certainly most willing to live with the side effects of today. :-)

Baby girl, you are a superstar today. Awesome. You are mummy's pride. :-)

Had to ruse her up at about 3.45pm as Jase was simply too tired. She wasnt even cranky!!! Oh god, what did we do right today? I wish for everyday of 3f8 to be like today!!!

I have to go get the chores done before the kiddos wake up...

Praying that everyone has an awesome day like we did.

THANK YOU THANK YOU. I cannot be more grateful for the prayers that worked the miracle today!

Cyn mommy


Chris said...

Hi Cyn,

It is good to know that Charmaine
is taking well with the treatments.
Will continue to pray for her.
Take care.

yaya said...

Well done, princess Charmaine! Keep up the good job! :)
Will pray for you & family, gambatte!!!

Mama Joan said...

praise God! M sure that Charmaine will sail thru the rest of the 3F8 treatments smoothly. Jia You! Auntie will keep praying for you!

love_is_all_around said...

Little Charmaine, you are a GREAT FIGHTER! :)

Michel said...

awesome Princess Charmaine!! keep it up... I love you.

JulietJas said...

Yeah! Praise God! We will continue to cover her with prayers. Know that you are not alone. God is carrying you through it all.
HUGS...Aunty J

phoenixbabe said...

Thank God! This is such great news! Will be covering you in prayers. :)

Auntie WheeX2

2am said...

Nice to hear that! Your day will begin like this for the rest of every other day. Take care and God Bless....

yuene said...

Glad to hear that Charmaine is doing well! Will continue to keep her in my prayers!

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