Round 3 Day 2 3F8

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Strong as she is, she tries to crack a few jokes and whine about how much she wants someone to be there to play with her. After 5mins with Princess, she handed the phone to Cyn Mommy and pretty much was pain throughout the left over 11ml of dosage.

After her morning treatment, she still has the energy to pop downstairs for the tuition. As Jase has been out of school for many months, his long summer break has finally ended. RMH has so kindly arranged tuition for Jase and to our surprise, Jase love granny alot!

Being close to her korkor, Charmaine insisted getting changed and sit through the tuition, colouring her apple while granny comes over for tuition.

In all, this round, is still manageable for our super Cyn Mommy.

Counting down to the days in New York! WHEE~


Mama Joan said...

Charmaine, jia you! Remember, every pain u suffered, baby monster suffered double. Jia You Jia You Jia You!!!

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