Medicine taking

Friday, October 2, 2009

In the earlier days, Charmaine resists the fact that she has to take medicine orally as some of them tasted real bad. To encourage her, we usually will take video, and clap our hands while she is consuming it.
Almost fell asleep while playing with her, called her this morning, in time for her "yellow medicine". As Mommy Cyn has put in, "it is a real tedious job preparing this medicine"
Finally, the show is up! =D
Of course, our strong Charmaine knows very well, the monster is kept at bay and she took in the medicine in less than 2 secs. Look at her big smile.

Today they had gone to MSKCC for her HAMA test and she whined about how the needle at her "circle bone" was hurting her. Apparently, based on what future-nurse Charmaine says, the anethestic was applied off center, so it hurts her while the needle was poked in and out. So she proudly declared that she cried for awhile. |||

Our babies have also been eating so much recently and probably it was due to the weather turning cold. Charmaine take in cold very well, but she claimed she wore two layers while Jase had three on. Then, came the long list of what they ate for dinner -Pork, cauliflower, brocoli, mushrooms, soup, the red-thing-gonggong-put-in-the-soup (gou qi zi) and alot alot of rice.

Kids are off now to help Cyn to do the dishes~

Love, Charlene


yaya said...

Charmaine is such a brave & lovely girl! :)

Take good care as the weather is turning cold...


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