Halloween Cookies with Stephanie

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stephanie has kindly hosted a cookie-session with the kids to prepare them for trick or treat.

Here's the video

Hama test - Negative!

Love, Charlene


Some post cookie-making session photos to add

"Ring ring"

The Skype telephone rang and I was greeted by very healthy-looking Cyn and Jase.

Jo: "Hey! The colour looks so much warmer!"

Cyn: "Yes, we were experimenting with the colour contrast and lighting cos we always look so pale and ghostly on Skype."


Jo: "Where's Charmaine?"

Cyn: "She's busy doing something. I dunno what."

Then Charmaine popped in to complete the family portrait. (As seen above in the bottom 2 pix.)

Then it was her turn to have some screen time.

I didn't know what she did with the colour settings but she slowly disappeared into whiteness. Kinda reminded me of an angel.

As we always have difficulty hearing one another via Skype, we've to use the phone to talk. While the adults talked over the phone. The kids would be making funny faces at the camera and asking if I could see or hear them as well.

Then, they would pester mommy for them to have the phone...

And finally... their MASTERPIECES!



Mama Joan said...

Praise God for the result! Great to hear that the test is negative! Charmaine, jia you k? I hope the 3rd round of 3F8 will be more tolerable for you..... Auntie will pray. God Bless....

yaya said...


Jiayou, jiayou, jiayou!!!! :)

totoro said...

Hi Princess,
So happy to see you full concentration in rolling the dough! Jase is a good brother too!

Mommy Cynthia,
Glad to hear Princess is doing well, you have wonderful kids! Big hugs for them.

Thank you for taking good care of dear princess!

JulietJas said...

Dearest Cyn, Char & Jase,

I rejoice and praise God for the result! =)

BIG HUGS...Aunty J

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