Day 3 of chemo but spirits are good!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hi everyone,

We are still inpatient with 3 more days of chemo to go. Considering that we have been inpatient for coming close to 2 weeks with a 24hrs break on Tuesday, Charmaine is definitely being a champ! She is happy, she is not walking, bouncing and dancing like she always does because of her knee problem but her cast is off totally and she has started to walk without limping! So yeah, that's great!

We are all happy with her progress but cautious in allowing her to roam freely like others 5 yr olds as her knee needs rest and time to heal. However, we don't want her to be on constant bed rest either, as not moving will weaken her leg muscles significantly.

Just like the previous cycles, Charmaine complained of knee/leg pain on her Left leg yesterday 5mins into infusion... It's always something that freaks me out and we are definitely watching her left leg very closely... Sigh...

Anyway, we have gotten confirmation from our doctor in NY to start making preparation to head back to NY. We are hoping to fly off once she recovers from this chemo which usually takes about 3 weeks, pending no surprises.

As such, I'm going to be madly busy with all the logistics, from getting air tickets to arranging for accomodation, getting doctor's appointments and getting Jase out of school, trying to get Jase a primary one slot before we fly off and not to mention the packing!!!

Both Charlene and Jolene have been extremely busy with their work commitments and life, and with me concentrating on getting our trip organized, please do pardon us if we missed out in email replies or is slow with updates. Please do not be alarmed if you don't see much updates from me because I have about 21 days to get air tickets, lodging, hospital appts in NY and not to mention all the packing settled! On top of that, we still have follow up outpatient appts here in KKH for Ortho Pedic, Infections Disease, Onco and numerous tests such as hearing test, echo, dental and more MRI done! Gosh, I need to breathe!

Anyway, if you do not hear from me, it's most slightly NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS from us!

Please continue to keep your prayers coming in. We need God's blessings to keep Charmaine fever free and infections free and have good immunity for us to fly off safely! Please also pray that she doesn't get the horrible diarrhea from the chemo and that the chemo is doing it's job in killing whatever residual hidden in the tiny body of hers!

I also probably need tons of prayers for myself so that I will find the strength I need to travel back to NYC with both my kids alone. This time around, I'm more scared than ever...

Thank you everyone!
Have everyone be blessed with a wonderful long weekend and stay happy and healthy as always!

Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Praise the Lord!!!

stacey said...

Cyn, it was good to know finally you and Char are flying back to NY. I hope to hear more good news from you if you do have time to update. Let faith guide your sight, not fear. Worries end when faith begin. Then you will be able to "see" and "know" what steps to take with everyday challenges. In every crisis, there is opportunity. You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience. Till this day, I see cancer as a gift. It can teach us a lot about ourselves as well as others. For those who survived because they have transformed if you get what I mean. Don’t look at the past as a failure, but as a lesson learned. Take good care of yourself and all the best to Char.

2amYH said...

From your strings of all postisive updates, I believed thing will all turns up well for u even if there is some hiccup here n there, all will be allright afterall. Important things is u t now v strong n positive, this positive mindset n energy power will help u overcome anything n everything. Though not easy, but looking back, u have already move on from the many many impossible... God bless u n everyone... Take care'

Feng said...

Hoped someone helped fulfill Little Charmaine's dream... been follow the blog for updates, hope things take a turn for an even better situation. =)

Mama Joan said...

Hey, m so glad that lil' charmaine gets to watch the fireworks!! Saw u guys on TV and oh boy!! Lil' charmaine is soooooo shy! Happy national day!!

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