We are in NYC safe and sound!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank you everyone for the blessings, we have finally reached NYC safe and sound and the kids have settled in much more easily than the previous time. In fact, I think they are doing a much better job than me at overcoming the jet lag.

The internet connection at RMDH has been down since Friday after I gotten my password...

As I was joking with Jolene and Charlene, we are eating and drinking like an American, now we just NEED to SLEEP like an American. I am the one having the greatest difficulty adjusting! There were a few times when the girls called me and I had NO IDEA what I said to them. Sleep talking. In fact, I had no idea it was early evening or early morning and which day it was. Everything is very disorientated. And I can barely hold a decent conversation with anyone.

I like to say a BIG THANK YOU to ALL the SIA crew onboard SQ 22, 26 Aug 2010. ALL OF YOU HAVE MADE our flight from Singapore to New York so enjoyable! I've never seen the kids enjoy themselves this much. THANK YOU! The flight felt like heaven on earth compared to our previous nightmarish trip where the kids were both running high fevers and vomiting and was so sick.

The wonderful flight, the most caring ground crew, and the familiar faces made our return so much more sweeter.

THANK YOU Stephanie, Iris and all the SIA ladies at Newwark Airport! THANK YOU!
Without you ladies, I could never have safely reached NYC and most probably accomplish nothing at all on my own. Whenever people assure me how strong and brave I am as a mother, I honestly dont think so.

As the song goes, YOU are the wind beneath my wings...
I have been blessed with many, many, many silently supporting me in everyway... THANK YOU!

Also like to say a word of Thanks to Mr Chris!

We had a few hiccups here and there after we landed. I misplaced my phone barely a few hours after we landed and was devastated. But thankfully, I dropped it in Stephanie's car. If you have texted me and hadnt hear back from me, its because I hadnt gotten my phone back yet but we are fine. :-)

Charmaine's knee pain started to act up almost immediately after we landed and it got much worse on Friday. The swelling also looked like it got bigger. I had to literally force her not to walk and she got very upset and in her own words, "I am feeling very grumpy now".

I got pretty worried, and prayed fervently. Thankfully, our prayers are heard. Charmaine's knee pain finally subsided on Sunday night. :-)

Yesterday on Monday, we were supposed to do her MRI without anesthesia and as expected, Charmaine couldnt go through it. She was freaked out and cried big time.

We have another MRI with GA scheduled next week. Today, she will get her MIBG injection and on Wednesday, she will have her MIBG scan, bone marrow biopsies done on Thursday.

The feeling is so surreal. Alot of the NB kids' blogs I've been following in the past 6 months dilligently are also in NYC receiving treatment. I know them like they are family, but they dont know me. And I am still in my zonked out mode so I didnt make any introductions either. But to see them face to face is so heartwarming and yet somewhat painful.

The entire crew at RMDH also gave us a very warm welcome. Many things have changed over the last 6 months. I shall update another day.

We have to get ready to go MSKCC soon so I cant type much.

Take care everyone! We miss you all!

Cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Glad that you trio are safe and sound, do take extra care in the foreign land although you have been there before. I will continue to keep you guys in my prayers!

Thank God, once again, for watching over Cyn and the kids! Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

thanks cyn and charmaine for your strength that inspires me.
praying + thinking of you all.
<3 sy

Jass said...

Dear Cyn Mommy,
Take care U have our support. Look for the gracious love that will be extended to you and family in NY in very special and personal way
Will hear from you soon

♥ Jass

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