Onboard now, take good care everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear all,

Thank you everyone for your prayers! Charmaine is
much better after a switch of antibiotics...

We are taking off in a couple of mins!

Just wanted to tell everyone char is much better and we are packed with tons of antibiotics. Pls continue to keep us
in your prayers!



Mama Joan said...

You guys must be half way across the globe right now! Have a safety trip! Remember, focus on God, rely on God for strength and wisdom.. M sure this trip will be very fruitful! Dear Father in Heavens, please watch over this family during their stay in foreign land. May you empower Cyn with thy wisdom at all times so that her decision will be your decision as we all know your way is above all ways! Pls grant them journey mercy and bless them in every way, from the ppl they meet till every detail in their daily life. Keep them from all evil Lord and you reward charmaine's perseverance with a clean bill of health! In jesus name, Amen

_pdra said...

have a safe trip and take care!!

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