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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Charmaine has since been admitted to the hospital over the past few days. Her counts are not sustaining @ the optimal level for discharge. Her last transfusion of plalets by random donor sent her into a serious hives state, and Cynthia has been avoiding that option. Currently, she can only receive CSP, which to my knowledge, means, a single donor donating platelets, and not those cultivated from the donated blood. (which by the time this is posted, she has also subjected to hives from the CSP pack)

Whichever is the case, CSP or not, bloodbank is coming back to us that, there is not enough blood and platelets for Charmaine. It is just not comfortable for us to know this @ the back of our head.

Since Char went into operation last year, we keep a small group of us (O+) active and standby in case she requires. However, from blood to platlets, there seemed to be an increased of requirements by bloodbank. At the minimal, donor must be 50kg, which we are on borderline cases. Healthy platelets will help her alot.

I have enquired but bloodbank and KKH both mentioned, no direct donation for 3rd party. =(

That said, any increase in blood availability will help Charmaine, help other little ones who need it urgently.

Hence, I would like to request from all of you, to donate your platelets (for the hunks out there, healthy, and non-medicated) and blood (for the ladies) as regularly and as much as u can.

If u dont mind being on the "reserved" list, when @ the very last minute, they do not have any supply, and we can call upon u, let us know too.

Charmaine is on blood O+ and she is the ONLY one in the trio with this blood type.
No prize to guess where she get that from and dont bother to guess why the contributor is not contributing to this. =)

Thanks alot everyone, and a new year for a good deed.

Love, Charlene

Thanks for reaching out to us on our plea for blood and platelets donation.

Anytime u are ready, u can head to any blood bank conveniently located in Singapore for the donation.

Edited to add:
As there couldnt be a specific donor programme, all "blood funds" are donated to the common pool. That said, please do not let this stop u from donating. It requires a few days to process the appropriate end product for transfusion and anything more in the pool, means Charmaine can get them faster.


jason said...

hello, i'm type o+, how do i go about helping?? contcat me at nine-seven-4-1-seven-seven-two-zero

Little Rain said...

Hi Charlene

I needed platelet donors in the past as well and as I understood, the criteria was quite strict, not sure for Charmaine's. You may want to list down the exact requirements so that people who want to help could as I remembered many of my friends who wanted to help but could not eventually in time of need. Eg

1) As you mentioned, min 50kg
2) Not been to rural countries for the past 3 or 6 months (which includes Bintan, Sabah, parts of Vietnam, etc)
3) Not on any form of medication, not even a nose spray for the past week, I think
4)Veins must be easily located
Just to name a few...

Shopping Tips said...

I have been a quiet reader to this blog for a while. Both my hubby and myself are O+ feel free to drop me a message if there's a need we will be happy to help. my email beezus@pacific.net.sg

Jolene said...

@Jason: If u are ready to donate, please proceed to any blood bank to help out. While it is a common pool of blood "funds", anything more, will help her chances of getting them faster when she need.

@ Little Rain: Yeap thanks! the nurse from KKH couldnt explain more than just 50kg, and has to be non-medication, and ur list do help =)
As long as u can donate platelets @ 1 go, that will be good. Thanks alot and I hope u will not require the donation anymore.

@Shopping Tips: Thanks alot for your initiation. Be glad if u could donate blood (urself) platelets (hubby) as I understood that it might be more tough on a female for platelets.

Thanks everyone!
Love, Char

Ng said...

Hi, I meet the criteria. Please put me in the reserved list.
Will be praying for the little one.

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